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CD1 :(

Really, really fed up now image I am now onto cycle day 1 and ttc month 40 image All I see is babies everywhere and people getting BFP when will it ever be my turn? image


  • I'm so sorry hun (((big hugs))) CD1 is that hardest day, hope you feel a little better soon. Sorry that I don't know your story but is there any help that you've been offered from the doctor's in TTC? We're currently waiting for my hubby to have his SA re-test x
  • Aw I know how you feel its horrible cd1 as you feel you have to pick yourself up yet again and its gets tiring! hope you feel better soon. never give up hope it will be your turn soon xxxx
  • Awww hun its such a horrible feeling aint it... image

    Im just awaiting AF to get me....

    Chin up chick.. our time WILL come image xxx
  • Our time surely HAS to come.... I am sick of waiting. xx
  • Im joining you now hun.. CD1 for me today image

    How long do ure cycles normally last??

  • Sorry to hear the witch got you MrsCupcake87 (((big hug))).

    xxMichaelaxx1986 I'm with you, I'm sick of waiting - it's all I think about x
  • Thanx Loopy... it totally does suck image How long have you been trying for~??

    How are feeling today Michaela??

    I felt really rubbish this morning... but feeling a bit better now.. gutted the house, had a big clear out (well not completly finished, had to stop for a cuppa and a quick look on here) im also going to have a look online later for some clothes.. fancy spoiling myself image

  • MrsCupcake87 I've been TTC for 14 months so not as long as some of you on here but still finding it tough. I'm feeling pretty low today myself too, I think it's because I've got my 30th birthday fast approaching (next month) and I really thought I'd have my BFP by now when I started TTC at 28.

    Just wish there was something I could do to speed up the whole process. We're waiting for hubby's SA re-test at the end of Nov. Are you having IUI in Jan if no luck before then?

    Ps. you spoil yourself there's nothing like a bit of retail therapy x
  • Ahh yeah those milestones do certainly make you think eh... image

    We have been trying just over 4 years now, but its been very on/off... what i mean by that is.. we havent constantly charted, we have often missed OV days etc.. I went a bit mad with it all a while back and had to chill out lol

    Yeah well we should be starting IUI in the New Year at some point Jan/Feb i think, we havent heard anything else since June/July i think... I might actually look into that.. hmmmm. Im actually very apprehensice about it!

    Was ure hubbys first SA not the best??? What things have you had done etc?? Thats good that you have the ball rolling though... I didnt go to the doc until we had been trying 2 years i think it was... mad eh! If only i had went a bit earlier :P

  • Yes the milestones do make you think especially as we have always wanted more than one. The way it's going we'll be lucky to have one.

    My 21 day bloods were fine, the doctor's said that his first SA wasn't a big enough sample so he needs a retest. I'm not sure if that's a problem in itself or if they even tested it? We're just waiting for the next SA test now.

    I know what you mean about wishing you'd gone to the doctor's earlier, I wish we'd started TTC earlier too. Have all your tests come back as ok?

    I've been using the CBFM, temping, preseed and vitamins but nothing seems to be working. I've put it all in a drawer this month and we're trying the natural approach :roll: even though I keep thinking it must be ov time around about now.

    I'm sure the IUI will be fine hun, I've read a few success stories on here recently so it sounds positive. I'd be willing to try anything, I think it's nice to be doing something proactive x
  • Im on CD1 too image Im drowning my sorrows with chocolate.

    Think were onto month 13, it took us 12 months last time so this is the longest image
  • Ive totally pigged out today too Fiona, really need to get back on track tomorrow!!

    But hey we are entitled too surely... after all we put ourselves through image

  • exactly mrscupcake image love the avatar by the wayimage
  • Sorry she got you fiona86 (((big hugs))) I think you're entitled to bath in chocolate x
  • Hey loopy just noticed u replied yesterday... my apologies.

    I dont think they can do all the tests regarding SA if there isnt enough there... So hopefully next time there will be plenty to get testing on.

    Yeah all of our tests have came back ok... until recently, now they reckon i have very mild pcos, but without the cysts.. if that makes sense?? ha Our bodies are strange things aint they.

    Im doing the opposite this month, feel like we have been too laid back! ha.. Im doing OPKs, preseed, vitamins the lot.

    I know we should all get our bodies into top notch condition.. top up on the viatmins, eat healthy etc... but how can some people fall soo easily!! Grrrrr.... (when i say this im kinda aiming it at the Jeremy Kyle sort... )

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