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OMG we finally have a diagnosis!!!

Well ladies, after 3 long years of TTC and being diagnosed with "unexplained infertility", i went for an abdominal ultrasound and vaginal scan which diagnosed...

MILD P.C.O.S!!! ive never been so happy to hear that lol

It sounds weird to say im happy to have pcos, but i feel its an answer to our problems.

Ive waited years to find out what is wrong with me and now i know. I just need to find out some more about it now xx


  • Aww hun i know exactly what you mean... im in a similar situation too yourself... got diagnosed with mild pcos in August.. we have been trying 4 years past September there.

    It does feel good doesnt it?? haha

    Ive started going too a herbalist who has given me some medicine to take which should relief my symptoms a bit and ive also been TRYING to stick to a low GI diet which is also ment to help..

    If you need to know anything hun, just give me a shout.. feel we are kinda in the same boat at this point imageimage

  • dummy_mummy it must be nice to have an answer after such a long time. Have you had any symptoms with mild PCOS? x
  • Thanks ladies!!

    mrs cupcake- how strange, were like twins! lol its nice to have an "answer" to the problem i guess. What's your treatment plan then, are you taking clomid? I was going to look into natural remedies to take. Can you recommend any? thanks xxx

    loopy- i have slight thinning of my hair, which ive had for a few years now and never thought anything of it!! I also really struggle to lose weight and keep it off image

    my cycles are very random also, ranging from 20 days to 48-50!

    xx am hoping for the solution on november 10th!! hehe
  • Ohh dummy_mummy FC you find your solution on 10th November image We're waiting for DH's SA re-test on the 29th November, it's nice to have some answers isn't it! x
  • It is nice to "know" isnt it image

    My symptoms have been.... acne (only in one area), struggle to lose the weight and keep it off, (and apparently im the classic shape off someone who has PCOS lol)

    I have fairly regular cycles every 29 days up until a couple of months ago and they seem to have lengthened by a few days, according to day 21 bloods i also OV!

    Oh its all very confusing!!

    I dont really have any sort of action plan tbh... Im on the waiting list for IUI then maybe IVF (hopefully we wont need either)

    I havae been going to a herbalist nearby, who has made up a tincture for me, the main things in it are agnus castus - which is really good apparently lol... I will have to have a look at the bottle and let u know what else is in it. I have went through every herb in the tincture and googled them all to see what they are for lol.. image

    Also the low GI is very important...

    I have been on clomid previously but made no difference image

  • MrsCupcake87 is your hubby all ok? FC you won't need either treatment and get a BFP before then x
  • how are we all ladies?

    im very confused by A castus, what is it lol?

  • Hey ladies... image

    loopy013: OH's SA came back good altho i think motility was slightly low and since having the SA (almost two years ago now).. He has had a mineral/toxic test and found out that he has really high levels of lead (this has been recently - Aug 11) So he is on some pills at the minute to try and rid his body of the lead... We have since read up that the lead can lead to abnormal sperm etc... so who knows eh!

    There is so much to think about... I got a book from Amazon a few months back and ive only started reading it... some of the thinks are really ringing true... its crazy!!

    Dummy_Mummy: Agnus Castus is used to regulate the hormones and possibly regulate cycles (if that is a problem, which it is for alot of ladies with PCOS) Its also ment to be the best herb for cysts and endo... Apparently anyway! ha

    OH is out tonight, so im going to get my bottle of tincture and list some of the herbs that are in it for you too look into... image xx
  • Two of the main ones that stick out are Thuja and Motherwort.

    Alot of the other herbs that are in my tincture help towards OV pains, AF pains... Acne.... Glandular Issues (which is often a common thing with PCOS, Do you have any issues with this?)... Also a few herbs that are ment to detox my digestive system, which can be very "sluggish" at times....

    What other kinds off symptoms do u get??? Some things you might not class as "symptoms"... but if u think about it, they might be. If that makes sense... :/

    Hope this helps hun ... image xx
  • MrsCupcake87 what is your next step after your huuby has finished his tablets for the lead in his body?

    I'm counting down the days to my DH's retest at the end of Nov, it's getting soooo frustrating now. By the time the results are back at the beginning of December we'll be going back to the doctor's whatever to try and move things forward. We'll ahve been TTC 18 months then and the doctor did say she would refer us at that stage. So I keep teeling myself only 8 weeks until we go back, don't get me wrong I'd prefer a BFP but can't see it happening. x
  • Hey....

    Next steps for us is IUI at the beginning of 2012... 2 goes at that, which we are self funding... Then if still no BFP image ... then its just carrying on until end of 2013, when we should be up at the top of the waiting list for IVF!!

    I really hope it doesnt come to the IVF... as it seems so far away, by that point if we are still waiting for that BFP.. It will have been 6 years!!!

    Do you ladies also feel that at times it can be such a strain on your relationships??

    At least everything we are doing now is surely helping our bodies to achieve that BFP!! image

    Aww a BFP would be super before the end of the year wouldnt it! image

    FC your hubbys SA comes back all good hun... image xx
  • Hi MrsCupcake87 I know what you mean about it being a bit of a strain on your relationship with hubby. I think it's all the pressure of dtd all the time especially when neither of you are in the mood. Last month I said to hubby that we needed to take a step back and just enjoy us as a couple and to start making a effort to pencil some nice things in for us to spend quality time together so that's what we've done this month and it's feels better. I've even put the CBFM and thereometer in the draw so it's au natural approach this month.

    Good luck with the IUI hun, I hope it works and you don't have to wait for IVF. We discussed paying for our own treatment too I don't think I could cope on a long waiting list. We're going to see what our next step is and work out what we can afford. It's great that you can still stay on the IVF waiting list even if you self fund IUI. I always thought that once you paid for any treatment you would be removed from the NHS waiting list so that's great news x
  • I also thought the same about the self funding etc... but if we do self fund two cycles of IUI it means we can only be eligible for 1 IVF... Opposed to the three that we would have been entitled. If that makes sense hun??

    Aww thats great that u feel better this month with the natural approach... we have tried the natural approach many a months... but sometimes ive noticed that im onto my next AF and we havent even DTD ... or if we have its been once or twice lol... between work commitments, OH's golf obsession... we dont have the time/energy lol.. terrible really!...

  • MrsCupcake87 it doesn't seem right that if your self-funding two rounds of IUI then they take two rounds of IVF from you? I hope it won't come to the IVF and the IUI gets a positive result.

    I sometimes really struggling with DTD especially if work has been really busy or my uni commitments take over. Even though we're doing the 'relaxed' approach we still agreed to dtd every other day otherwuse as you said the weeks seem to fly by. I think my DH just found it easier that DTD on both peaks and the last high with the CBFM i.e. 3 days in a row.

    We're off on holiday on Saturday, AF is due on Monday I'm going to be totally gutted if she shows x
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