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Hello everyone,

havent been on here for months been so low didnt want to come on here and read things that will make me feel worse!

I will get to the point i have been waiting for a appointment at the fertility they keep canceling it! Well i had my appointment today full of high hopes! soon to be knocked down by the doctor telling me that they cant do anything until my BMI lowers!

so basically i have to loose 5 stone or they wont help me! im so upset ive been building my hopes up for basically nothing!

I just feel like i have no hope im overweight have pcos havenbt had periods for over 2 years! i know im young but i feel like i cant keep doing this!

This week was suppose to be speacial as my oh proposed to me on saturday but i feel so low nothing can make me happy!

I just need hope from some overweight women that there is hope! i know ive got to diet and im bang on it! But its the worst thing hearing nobody can help you! :'(



  • Hey hun... didnt want to read and run...

    Firstly... I huge congrats on the engagement!! image ... ive heard lots off stories where wedding planning takes over and BFP's happen imageimage

    At least you have had ure first appointment and know what they are expecting etc... u are defo on the right tracks for that BFP anyway image

    I really dont have much more words of wisdom tbh... as im kind off in the same boat as yourself.. Ive not been told directly to lose weight.. but I do know that i have too. Im finding it very difficult at the minute though... Im trying to stick to a low GI diet which is ment to help with PCOS.. have u heard about this/ is this the one your doing??

    Im onto CD1 again today... so really going to try and stick to this diet.. I HAVE to do it!!

    Ive also switched to herbal teas etc, been taking lots off different herbs and vitamins.. Im willing to do anything now..

    Good Luck Hun .... xx
  • Heya hun

    Congratulations on the engagement!!

    I am not in the same boat but i do have PCOS and have managed to concieve.

    There are lots of reason why the FC won't help unless your BMI is lower than 30 (i think)being overwieght actually makes PCOS worse, which in turn makes it harder to concieve. I know its frustrating as i know there are women that fall pg when overweight but they aren't likely to have PCOS. And they are likely to have complicated pregnancies and labour. So the best thing all round for both you and trying to concieve is to concentrate on losing weight and i bet you fall without thinking!!! I am not overweight but was aware i needed to lose a little so did, and a long with other things i believe led to my BFP.

  • Hi E,

    I was in a similar situation, but my fc did go through all the initial investigations first, dh had sperm test etc, then I was told that I would be starting clomid once I'd had my hsg (xray to check tubes are clear). Then at my next appt, they told me I was over 30 BMI, so couldn't start clomid (I had lost a bit of weight, but then put a bit more on over Christmas). I was obviously devastated, as I had pinned all my hopes on clomid.

    I did manage to get down to 31 BMI and the lead consultant was happy about that, so I was prescribed it in the end (4 months later). I was told that it is virtually ineffective in women with a BMI of over 30, but I'm back up to my original weight again (my body just likes being 33, ok??!!) and clomid worked perfectly for me.

    However, none of this has lead to a bfp and if I want to be considered for ivf, I would have to lose another 3 stone. And as Faye says, you are likely to reduce your pcos symptoms with weight loss. So I'm back on the diet with avengeance! I'm just telling myself its for me and for no other reason, as I can't face any more disappointment and failure. This is one thing I have control over, whereas no matter how hard I try, I don't have any control over whether I conceive or not.

    Anyway, I've written my usual essay reply and not really given the response that you asked for- sorry! But I just wanted to try and give you something else to focus on, as, unfortunately we don't have much control over getting pregnant xxx
  • Oooo, but I have just thought, a parent of one of my scouts confided in me that they were having difficulty conceiving (her 4th, though, so not too sympathetic!) and she's quite a big lady, so I assume she might have pcos. Aaaanyway...she's now pregnant, says it took her 2 years, but got there in the end. xx
  • Congratulations on your engagement, I really hope you are able to enjoy being engaged as it will only happen once in your life. I am no sure what age you are so dont know how time sensitive your ttc is, I was/am overweight when we conceived our first and I had an amazing pregnany and birth, no morning sickness, got to hospital 10cm and had her within the I dont think weight makes everything impossible. We are about to ttc our 2nd and I am worried as I put weight on in my first pregnancy and since then so hope all goes to plan, otherwise I will try to loose weight if it takes that.x
  • Hiya!

    Firstly congrats on the engagement!!!!

    Maybe I can offer you a bit of hope........We have been ttc for 29 months, went to clinic where they did do the tests but everything came back normal and we were told to lose weight. I have lost 5 and a half stone on lighter life, and hubby 1 stone. We then went back to clinic were approved for IUI, and amazingly I am now 5weeks pregnant!

    So dont lose heart, I know how difficult this all is. You say you are young so at least that is on your side, I am 37, so time running out!

    But you can do it, some days are easier than others and losing that much weight takes real effort and determination but it is tha best thing I have ever done.

    Good luck honey xx
  • There is Hope.. You sound just like me!!!

    Ttc for 4 years in total after about 2 I went to fertility clinic the consultant was a bastard to me said I needed to loose weight... Had a lot to loose can't remember what my bmi was at that point...

    About a year later I pulled myself together joined weight watchers and lost 3stone in about 5 months.. I also have pcos too!!

    Bmi was then 36 after loosing weight so as I was loosing weight easy still I was going to loose another 10lb then go back hoping he would be nicer to me!

    Then I discovered I was pregnant!!! Am currently 38 weeks preggers now and have only put on a stone throughout pregnancy!!

    I hated hearing it but I am

    Living proof that loosing weight can actually be more effective than ivf... And 5 months after taking 4 years of ttc wasn't long to loose weight!

    Good luck chick there is hope x x
  • Thankyou ladies,

    Its so nice to have somewhere to come where u can just let all your feelings out! I'm 21 by the way a few of you didnt know how old i was image i know i still have time on my side but when you really want something more than anything you dont wanna wait! :/ I think sometimes you just feel like your the only person who is going through this in the whole wide world!

    You all really have made me think more possitive, for a few days i was thinking of giving up.

    Worst thing to make things even harder is my OH spearm test can back that he has a very low spearm count so now he is eating healthy and taking a lot more care to improve hiS SC.

    Thankyou all for the congads! I am very happy and im going to try and be more happy for both of us because last thing i want is a depressed OH.

  • Hun i have pcos and weigth is a problem but i push myself hard on the gym and lost over 1stone and half.

    U need to push yourself and stop eating things with to mutch sugar salt and takeways u will make it i did
  • thanks hun lost a stone nearly now in 3 weeks so im really pushing myself and feel so much better for it.

  • Hiya,

    I had to reply as I was in the same situation as you. I have PCOS and it turned out my hubby has low sperm count and reduced motility. I was overweight, and really went at it with gym and low GI diet. As I lost weight my cycles gradually got shorter and shorter until they were nearly normal. I also took vitamin B6 and soya isoflavones. We got my hubby on the wellman conception tablets too. The fertility specialist told us it was very unlikely that we would have children naturally with my hubby's results, and as I had lost enough weight we were due to start IVF but I found out before we started that I was pregnant naturally. I now have my gorgeous 12 week old little boy in my arms.

    I hope that this gives you some hope, there were times when I was so depressed and low but I found the weight loss and exercise gave me something positive to focus on and it goes to show anything is possible.

    Good luck, I hope you get your good news soon and well done for the brilliant weight loss so far!
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