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Alternate between 28 days and 31 days??

This may seem like a bit of a random post but im just wondering if anyone can help me or if theres anyone around who experiances the same as me.....

Ive noticed over the last couple off months that my cycle is 28days one month (left side) then 31 days the next (right side)... Can there be an explanation for this??

I used to ALWAYS be a normal 28day cycle up until a few months ago..

Ive also noticed that when im on my 28day cycle-left side, that i get more noticable twinges etc... Whereas when im on my longer 31day cycle-right side.. I get far less symptoms.. image

Im going to use OPK for the next few months to see when im ovulated etc..

Thanx for reading girls image xx


  • Hi MrsCupcake87 my cycles used to alternate between 31 and 35 days like yours. I'm not sure if it coincided with me feeling ov pains in my left or right side though.

    My cycles have changed now and I seem to be at a constant 28/29 length cycle so I'm not sure what the reason is but just wanted to say you're not the only one who's experienced this x
  • Thanx for replying loopy... I knew i wouldnt be the only one, its just nice hearing it lol.

    Im so aware of any aches and pains and always know which side i ovulate from.. suppose thats what happens after 4 years of trying eh? image

    I will just need to see if a pattern emerges.... I miss not being a regular 28/29 day cycle... bit OCD that way.. like to know whats going on image xx
  • Hiya MrsCupcake87 yeah I know what you mean about liking to know what's going on. I usually feel ov but I always forget to make a note of it so then I forget what day or side it happened on.

    My cycles were 31-35 days for over a year it's only recently they have changed again. It's nice to have a shorter cycle though, 35 days used to drag....

    I wonder if there is some medical reason and it's funny how it's away smack on those numbers every other month x
  • Yeah its really strange eh... oh the way our bodies work eh.. ha

    Im going to use OPK these next few months, before i knww i used to always OV on CD14 but now its obviously changed.. so again i want to know whats going on lol

  • Mines abit like that hun - can be anything from 28-33 days - but when i must ov from my right ovary i get really bad cramps/twinge pains-sometimes actually quite hurts!!

    The human body eh!!

  • Tht sounds exactly like me Soph... i asked consultant about this, who thought that ive maybe got sligh Endo on the painful side... image xx
  • Hello, just been reading your thread its funny how our bodies worl or not work ha ha Im irregular and am taking clomid. The 1st lot gave me a 28 day cycle, the 2nd was 42 days, the 3rd was 28 again and Ive had my 4th lot and not started yet adn its now day 33 sso looks like I have alterenate ones despite being on a drug! I feel better than Im not alone in being odd ha ha x
  • It will be interesting to see if AF shows on day42 again poppy.... although a BFP would be even better imageimage xxx
  • Aw thanks but no chance as done 2 tests this week and all bfn! oh well its weekend so Im going to drink wine and pretend Im ok! ha ha
  • Hi I'm new here, and trying to conceive, but my cyles are either 28 days and vary from 26 to 29 so confusing what to do to get a accurate ovulation test at right time, could anyone help me plz? 😃

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