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Hello...and a question!

Hi everybody,

Well after lurking around here for a month or so, I can announce that today is my official 'First Day in LTTC'...scary!

A bit of background: Hubby and I decided to start ttc 3 years ago (before we got married). I came off the pill in Sept 08, we got pregnant in Jan 09 but I mc a few days after getting my BFP. Because we had just got engaged, we decided to put off ttc again until the end of the year as I didn't want to be a heavily pregnant bride (chance would be a fine thing! :lol: ). We started ttc again in March 10 and we've been trying ever since :cry:

Anyway, we went to see our dr the other day and he was AMAAAAAZING! Very understanding and he immediately put us forward for blood and sperm tests and he has also referred us to a fertility clinic for further tests.

So....finally I get to the point....He mentioned that we will both need to have our tubes examined to check for any blockages. Can anyone enlighten me on what I can expect? Is it a scan? Internal? External? Does it hurt?

Thanking you x


  • Hi BibbyBobby,

    Well, I think I've had just about every investigation available, so I should be able to help you out. I should imagine they are talking about a HSG for you (hysterosalpinogram) which is a conscious procedure where they insert a small tube through your cervix, squirt some dye into your uterus and through your fallopian tubes. At this point, they take an xray and the dye shows up on the xray, so thry are able to see if it flows freely through your fallopian tubes.

    It was all over within an hour of entering the hospital and I went right home. They were able to tell me the results right away.

    It was a bit sore and had very mild period pain type aches afterwards while the dye leaked out, but nothing that needed pain relief- although some people take some before-hand just in case.

    I also had lap & dye last month, but that is a general anaesthetic, so I doubt that is something they would do straight away.

    I think they just do a sperm count on hubby, as that can tell you if his tubes are not blocked, if he has no sperm/small numbers, they might investigate it more. Hope that helps and WELCOME!! (in the nicest possible-wish you didn't have to be here-kind of way!)
  • Thank you so much for your detailed answer. I feel a bit better now knowing what to expect. It is horrible being in this part of the forum but I feel a bit better knowing that we are starting to move forward rather than standing still each month waiting for yet another af!
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