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I had my period on the 15th September first one after miscarriage I had brown bleeding from 15 - 18th and red from 19 - 21st . This is a much longer period than what I'm used to but thats prob cause of miscarriage . Do I count next period due from the start of the red bleeding or the brown (sorry tmi) if it's from the brown then my period should have started even though I just got BFN on cheap test u dip in pee, if its from the red then I won't be due to next week .

Help if you can be much appreciated .


  • Loughpet,

    I'm afraid in my experience, your cycles could be pretty messed up now, so even if you know what cycle day you are on, it might not be relevant. So instead of suffering days of bfn's, I suggest waiting a week and testing again if you're still awaiting af. Of course, I am the worst serial pee-on-a-sticker and would not take my own advice, but suffer the bfns because I'm silly! Good luck xx
  • Thank you for ur reply . I'm the same as u a serial pee on sticker !!! I know I shouldn't cause the bfn's really depress me !!!

    Thank you again

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