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im back :(

well girls ive taken a few weeks away but im back more obsessed than ever! image

ive gt my first fertility appointment tues! just wondering what to expect? ive had bloods done (they were random i dont have cycles) had a scan which showed tubes were fine but had cysts, hes had SA and both had chlamydia!

what do u think will happen! really hoping to get clomid!


  • Hey Sarah! You're in the right bloomin place at the mo, if you're more obsessed than ever- we all seem to be a little-more-than-usual crazy at the mo! I think its the lack of bfp's recently- none for about 2 months!

    I was prescribed clomid after clear hsg, clear chlamydia swab, bloods and ultrasound scan to confirm pcos. Then had to be below 30 bmi.

    So could be next for you. Good luck!
  • i know ive been looking on and off on here! its so sad that there hasn't been any! r u still on the clomid? what stage are u at! i already have a daughter with my hubby so i think im getting my hopes up that clomid will work! if it doesnt im gonna have to make some serious changes in my life! starting with that tyre i seem to be carrying! not that im not that big but could be smaller! ;(
  • I don't want to dash your hopes, but I had everything pinned on clomid. It did its job, but still didn't conceive. But it works for so many people. I had 3 months, then had ovarian drilling in Sept. On 2nd cycle post-op and last month was pretty tough, so we're just taking it as it comes now. No testing, no scheduled bding. Just relaxing!!! (our clomid thread joke!)
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