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Feeling worse than ever now...

Hi everyone,

After seeing our dr about our lack of bfps, he immediately sent us for bloods and SA tests....which is brilliant coz I thought we would have to fight to be sent for tests (I have heard/read about a lot of unsympathetic drs). Anyway, I should feel better now knowing that we were taken seriously, however, since seeing the dr a week ago I have been feeling worse than ever about our lack of baby. I feel so pessimistic about the outcome of the tests and I have been crying even more than usual in the last week. I had Day 2 bloods done on Friday and I feel so nervous about the results. I keep thinking that it doesn't matter that I have fairly regular cycles and that they are going to discover that my egg reserve is low or poor quality or that I'm not ovulating. Its driving me mad.

Is this a normal reaction or am I going even loopier than normal? I hate being this way.


  • Hi Bibby,

    Don't beat yourself up! Everyone is totally different and deals wth things in their own way. I have good days and bad days, although I am also finding things particularly hard at the mo. Men seem completely unaware of what this situation does to our mental health, too!

    Look at at this way, though. If they don't find anything wrong, thats great, but if they do, they can start doing something about it. Very rarely do they ever find something that completely writes you off! If they find something, it will probably be quite straight-forward and simple to sort out.

    Take care xx
  • Hey hun... I can totally sympathise with you.. I felt exactly the same when i was waiting on the results of my 21day bloods.. it was nerve racking..I also have very regular cycles and always have done.

    As windymiller says.. DONT BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT!! I know its easier said than done image

    When do u find out the results???

    Chin up hun image xx
  • Thanks for your replies. They do help. It is good that I have people on here to vent my concerns to because I don't feel like people in my life really understand, and my hubby is getting fed up of my pessimistic attitude.

    I have an appt in 3 weeks for my 21 day bloods so will get the results in about a month. It is going to be a very looooooooong month for me! Yesterday and today I have been so anxious that my chest has been feeling really tight like I can't breathe. I wish I could go to sleep and wake up in 3 weeks time!!!
  • Hi BibbyBobby I totally understand how you feel hun. I was ok going for the blood test but when I had to ring up for the results I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I'd convinced myself that there was something wrong with me and I got worked up for nothing as everything came back as ok.

    We're waiting for my Dh's SA re-test at the moment we've had to wait 12 long weeks, the waiting is driving me mad. I keep ticking off the days in the calendar as I'm desparate for some feedback so that we can start moving forward whatever the outcome good or bad.

    FC all goes well for you hun, try not to stress. I'm trying to think like the others girls have said - there is loadssss that they can do to help today.

    On another note, I just read this article which is fantastic news about IVF:

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