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secondary infertility

i have a daughter already so im basically just wondering whether i have to pay for the fertility treatment including clomid etc?


  • I think it depends on the nhs trust eligibility criteria. I know in Shropshire they don't investigate, but I've heard of others doing the basic investiations and treatment, but not IVF etc.

    T x
  • Sarah, I'm in West London and my NHS PCT paid for blood tests and sperm analysis ONLY. And when they came back fine, they sent us on our way. However, I know some offer further testing, Clomid and even IUI.

    We had to go private [IUI and now ICSI]. With people struggling with infertility first time around and NHS cuts, I can understand why they wouldn't fund for second children. [But why do they fund for people smoking, abusing drugs, binge-drinking, over-eating themseves to death?!? Anyway, must get off my soapbox].

    It's just a shame there is no consistency across the whole country.

    Hope that you can get more where you are. Good luck.
  • Hi

    We have been TTC no2 for 3 years! :cry:

    We live in Essex and only had bloods and scan under GP. SA wasn't being done at local hospital when hubby needed it. So we then found consultant and paid for HSG, SA, clomid & scans and unfortunately no luck for us.

    Hope you get your BFP before you have to go down private route!

  • We are in cardiff and have been trying for our second for the last 2 years with a m/c in march10 :cry: unfortunately we have had problems since then with me not having any af's so not ovulating. I have been given scans bloods oh sa test and clomid and metformin even tho i dont have pcos. At my last appointment with gynae they said if it doesnt work in the next 2 months ( will have had 6 by then) then that is all they can do for us on the nhs and will then have to go private. I think our next step would be injectables or iui but not sure just praying for natural af or bfp but to be honest im not very optimistic. We are so grateful for our dd but like missymoomums said the yearning is heartbreaking!!!!!!

    Wishing us all the luck in the world xxxxx
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