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Question about Provera. Please help?


I would just like a bit of info from you ladies if possible?

I started taking Provera to induce a bleed on monday 10th oct and took it for 5 days as precribed. I was just wondering, those who have taken this, have you felt like you were due to have a 'proper' af or has the bleed just come unannounced. The reason I ask is because I feel nothing, usually before AF I feel bloated, crampy for a few days but with this I have nothing which is leading me to think that it is not going to make me bleed.

I have to ring my specialist on Friday if I have still not bled so I know it is still early but I just wanted your opinion.




  • I've taken it twice and first time I knew it was coming, but 2nd time it was a surprise. I had to wait 10 days after I finished them for it to work, though!
  • Thanks thats a real help. I was starting to think it might not happen due to lack o symptoms.

    Guess its just another waiting game now.

  • I was on Provera for 4 cycles. It really varied, both with the premenstural symptoms, but also time from stopping to coming on. After stopping I generally came on within the week, but like windy says, it can take much longer- 11 days waited on my 4th.

    Hang on in. (with appropriate protection to hand...!)

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