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cd 1 again. 3 years on and going to have a break

hey ladies, well today is cd 1 again. its exactly 3 years since we started ttc and i reckon its time to have a break. cos to be quite honest i'm going a bit insane! contantly on edge, bad tension headaches, think of nothing but my cycle days, i symptom spot all the time and i just want a bit of normality. i think i'll prob start again in the new year. i'll be moving onto month 9 of clomid.

i've got my 2 year wedding anniversary to look forward to and we're off to liverpool to a boutique hotel, i got my sisters 30th party, my brother in laws wedding in december then christmas so think the ttc will only get in the way! its time to be me again i reckon.

i think i'm gonna stay off here too, have a proper break so wishing you all a load of luck and hopefully they'll be a few more bfps when i come back

bye for now hannah xxxx


  • Hannah it sounds like a break will do you the world of good and you've plenty of things to keep you busy. You take care of yourself xxxxxxx
  • Take care look forward to reading your bfp announcement when you come back in january... apparently it happens when you stop trying!! (if only!)
  • Hi HannahBelle1979 hope the break does you good hun and you get your BFP when you stop 'trying'. I hope to read a BFP announcement from you in the near future.

    Take Care x
  • hey thanks ladies,

    doubt that will happen but happy to be not trying and just enjoy life again.

    i'll no doubt check in now and again to see if anyone gets their bfp

  • I reckon I'll be a few weeks behind you, Hannah! I'm already dreading my next cd1 and wondering how I will cope. Take care xxx
  • good luck hun. . sometimes a break is what you need x x
  • Good luck Hannah a break and lots of lovely things to look forward to will keep you busy. Never give up hope though I have been ttc for over 3 years and have bfp this week. After 2 mc's this year hope it turns out ok this time. Hopefully the new year will bring you some great news. Take care x
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