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time to say goodbye . . .

hey everyone

i think its time i called it a day. . been on here since May 2009 ttc lttc and ivf forum. . as Im officially no longer trying to conceive and being told i won't have my own babies sadly its time to move on.

i have met some lovely people on here over the time, they been happy times sad times and annoying times lol. . but now me and Hubby guess need a break of everything baby related. until we start our next chapter. . adoption.

its been a tough old year but am ready to fly the nest on my own he he. . this website is great and maybe one day i will be back with a miracle story cos we all still wish for those secretly x x

if you would like to keep in touch with me message me your e mail etc x

wishing everyone good luck and hope you all get your dreams x x x

booey x x


  • I have been (silently) your posts on here since the early days with all the pregnancy tests right through to your most recent ones about the egg collection, and to be honest you were one of the people on here who have kept me going throughout my time ttc. I really had my fingers crossed for you when you started the IVF process and I felt so sad when you started posting about donor eggs and the difficult decision that you would have to make. I really really hope that you get everything you want. Stay positive (easier said than done) because there is a baby out there for you. Good luck and please come back and update us xxx
  • hey there

    that post really brought a tear to my eye!. . thank you so much.

    its so nice to know my posts have been helpful also in some way.

    it has been one he'll of a journey i can tell you. .

    i know through out my time on baby expert i must have done hundred pregnancy tests lol . . and convinced myself this is it!. . to have such a horrible twist is a massive blow. . but Im determined somehow to come back and let you all know i did it,or similar.

    ttc is so hard, you have to get on with the cards your dealt.

    good luck hun with your ttc x x x
  • hello, my first time on the website. Sorry, to interrupt but i have just read your post and i am sat here in floods of tears. How utterly devastating to be told you will never have your own baby?? the one thing that i can tell (just from your heartbreaking post) you would do anything to have. But, who has said you will never have your own child? a doctor....or someone else??? Never say never hun.....there are so many stories of couples who give up trying to have a baby and then to their upmost delight only to find they are expecting their much longed for baby. Some people find that when they no longer have the 'pressure' on them to become pregnant, it just happens. I sending you so much love and all the wishes in the world that it will happen for you. Good luck and lots of luck hun...miracles do happen!!! xxxxxx
  • Booey, we've been through so much. I feel I might be shortly behind you in this and I'm so inspired by your positive attitude. You're in my thoughts and I pray for things to go right for us xxxx
  • Aw good luck Booey I wish you all the best. Good luck with the adoption process, its something we are possibly considering although not yet x

    Take care of yourself and don't ever give up on your dreams xxxxx
  • G/C but wanted to say how sorry I am to hear things have taken this road. For a bit of inspiration and hope watch the film 'babymama'. These things do happen in real life also. Finger's crossed there's light at the end of this tunnel.
  • Hi there Booey, I hope you are looking after yourself and find peace in your decision. You have been through so much and life has been really hard on you, it's so unfair. I'm sure when your child arrives, whichever route it takes to get to you, he or she will be the most cherished and loved child and that you won't be able to imagine having any other child. He/ she will be the luckiest child to have you and you hubby as their parents.

    I look forward to congratulating you in the future

    Tracy xxxx
  • thank you to all you lovely ladies

    every message was appreciated. . amazing what a few thoughtfully words do x x
  • hey booey,

    ahhhhh lovey i'm really sorry that its got to this point for you. i've followed you throughout this whole malarky and have read many posts over the years. its really pants isn't it. i'm just starting to think about adoption. we're not there yet but i'm pretty sure my body isn't going to give me my own too.

    i've got unexplained infertility, i ovulate regularly and everuything. its really really weird that i can't conceive! so this month i've finally decided to just stop trying. enough is enough and to be honest its the most liberating feeling ever. i've been trapped in this awful 3 years of wanting and hoping every single month that i'll finally get a bfp but i never did! i'm sick to death of clomid and what its does to me so i'm having at least 3 months off from it. i want to put my energy into enjoying my husband, have actual sex cos i want it, not cos its time to, i want to book a holiday and not think oh my god what if i can't go cos i might be pregnant, i want to get really pissed and just have fun again

    i get that i'm not at the same point as you and i'm not going through the same as you but for me just coming to that conclusion has freed me, we're still all here for you and i'll be looking forward to your successful story of adopting a baby

    take care booey xxxx
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