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Ovary drilling

After no sucess with clomid the clinic send me 3days ago to have Ovary drilling.

Im in pain not bad but i can take it.

Did any one had that done and did it work?Please get bk to me :?


  • I had ov drilling on 12th Sept and I started ovulating naturally straight away. No BFP yet, but at least my body is doing stuff on its own! They told me it isn't effective for everyone and I don't know if there are any statistics for success, but it worked for me. I was very sore for about 5 days and still a bit sore for 2 weeks afterwards, but fine now.

    Windy x
  • When after the drilling can i have sex lol sorry for the question :lol:
  • my post op notes said it was fine to continue having sex as normal. But i waited until the pain reduced a bit before I did, as sex was quite painful! But I ovulated less than 2 wks after the op, so we had to get to it!
  • Thanks for the information i will see my gp as been days and i fell always when i eat the felling of vomit.

    Plus im losing weigth is that normal?
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