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Fertility Clinic advice

I was wondering if anyone has been to/dealt with the London Womens Clinic. We are booked to go to an open day at their Darlington Clinic in a few weeks. Just wonder what people experiences of them have been etc. We have been trying now for 15 months, I did fall pregnant a couple of months ago, but unfortunately has a miscarriage at 6 weeks. We have had all the tests, scans etc with the NHS, which all came back clear. Couldnt find anything wrong and they just told us to keep trying and to come back when we had been trying for 3 years !! So we starting to look into private help now.



  • My boss used a clinic in London, I will ask her which one it was tomorrow. They chose that one, even though it meant 4-5 hour round trip, based on its success rates and due to the fact that their local clinic told her at 37 she had little chance of conceiving.

    Good luck with your appt, and good for you not accepting what the NHS tells you. 3 years??!! Just because they can't find anything wrong, doesn't mean you're being paranoid!
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