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Clomid and Unexplained Infertility...?


Haven't been on here for a while...trying to focus on others things apart from a baby as it's really start to upset me that it hasn't happened, and I'm really worried we're not going to ever get a BFP :cry:

Anyway, our Dr has decided to try 3 months of clomid. They've told me it might not be that successful as I ovulate regularly. Part of me is happy to try something new, but I do wonder what's the point if it's not likely to work?

Has anyone with unexplained infertility got a BFP using clomid?


  • I know we have limited knowledge on here, but based on the stories and clomid threads I've read, I would say its more successful in ladies who ovulate than it is for people who don't. There seems to be a higher risk of over-stimulating, though, so I hope they put you on a low dose and monitor you.

    But, as I say, its only an observation from 2 years or so on the forum. Nice of your Drs to be positive, though! (Not!)

    Good luck with it xx
  • Have no experience with clomid, but just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope it works and you get your BFP x x x
  • Hi TiggerRoo,

    You sound like you're in a similar position to me. We also have unexplained, though secondary in our case as we have been ttc our second for 3 years now. Our consultant tried me on clomid (1/2 tab) for 3 months then Femara for 3 months. The scans showed the required follicles but unfortunately no bfp for us. I very much hope you have more luck than us and I would be interested to know too. I'm sure they've missed something with us but I don't want to pay out to have all the same tests again.

    Best of luck!
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