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agnus castus for PCOS.... giving it a try!!

hello ladies, not sure who remembers me but ive been on a lil break from TTC and am back with hope of trying agnus castus as i have been diagnosed wit PCOS and have heard it may help??

im on a diet with plenty of excercise thrown in! zumba tues/thurs and gym mon/wed/friday lol

im also taking sea kelp to help lose weight too.

can anyone offer any advice on when to take agnus castus? does it have to be at a particular type in your cycle? xxx


  • hi there thank you for your reply. I obviously had no idea what i was doing before taking AC as i just took it everyday for approx 3 weeks and have only stopped yesterday when i realised AF was not here yet!!

    AF due on 6th dec, BFN this morning so i know im not pregnant but can agnus castus delay AF? Im just wondering why AF is not here yet, as depite having PCOS my periods have been fairly regular for the past few months.

    Eeeek hope ive not done any damage! xx
  • I am an taking ac and have read mixed things about stopping after ov, some sites say you don't have to and my reflexologist didn't tell me to stop. Also I think ac takes a couple of months to kick in from what I have read so I'm sure you haven't done any damage. Good luck with everything!
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