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Am I dreaming?!

Hi all, I'm finding it hard to be too excited about this, after everything we've been through. But. . . . . I tested early today and a very very faint BFP!!! No clomid, no opk's (so don't know exactly how early I've tested). But DH and I can both see a line. Could be chemical pg, could still miscarry, but its the closest I've been for over 2 yrs! X x x


  • OMG!!! OMG!!!!

    Fingers are crossed sooooooo tightly for you xxx
  • FC for you xx
  • Oh wow Windy - wonderful news. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed.......... xxxx
  • Hello,

    i never post on here.. am a serial lurker though! followed some of your threads so feel like i sort of know you and your ttc journey!

    Really hope its a sticky BFP! congrats!! xx

    I got mine today after 18 months trying... cannot believe it.. in total shock. xx
  • hi windymiller

    don't think ive ever chatted with you but have seen your posts and i know how long you've waited for this and how much you deserve it. have this thread subscribed, looking fwd to your update! fingers crossed xx
  • Hey- totally g/c from the home page but I've followed your story- really hope this is it for you!!! Good luck and *whispered* congratulations- I think you should get a CBD to give you a better idea x
  • OMG windy I really hope this is it for you it's what you so deserve. Have you done anymore tests yet?

    This is as a result of focussing on the egg sharing.

    Keep us updated with your news I'm praying it's all good x
  • Fingers crossed for you Windy that its a sticky one. You deserve a bit of good luck after all the wonderful advice and support you give to everyone. xXx
  • Hi everyone, thanks for the support. It definitely hasn't sunk in yet, will be testing again tomorrow and if thats a strong positive, I might do a CBD. The last thing I want is for that to say "not pregnant"!!

    Flamingobaby- we just might be bfp buddies in DIA together!! DH keeps saying not to get my hopes up, but I think I'd rather have some hope and risk having it dashed than never have hope at all.

  • windymiller as long as the test is the same or stronger id be very hopeful. CBDs are a bit rubbish though so if the non digital is positive it will be looking good! x
  • Omg omg WINDY

    I am so excited for u!!!!

    Aarrrgghhhhh!! Always pop into LTTC to c how u guys are getting on.

    I have my fingers, toes and everything crossed!!!

    Let us know how u get on

    X x. X
  • Bloody hell Windy! V exciting. Really hope the pee stick pixies behave and the next is a bit darker. I'm on nights, so- go on, do the next with a v early morning wee so I can hear about the result sooner!

    Do you think it was your stern sgt major voice wot dun it?image
  • Any news this morning Windy, praying it's positive. I had a few days of faint lines though so if it's not darker don't be too worried. X
  • awwwww congrats hunny, not been on here for ages and your post was at the top of the page so a lovely first post to read! fingers crossed its a sticky one xxxxxxxx
  • wow amazing hun!!! finger crossed for you. xxx
  • OMG keeping everything tightly crossed for you, really hope its your BFP x
  • Well guys, its lovely to come on here and read all these lovely messages. Although a little bit strange to think lots of people read my crazy ramblings (I forget that this forum is pretty much open to the world, as I let out all my "crazy"!)

    So, I have done another cheapie test today and it was a definite stronger line than yesterday's (although it was a stronger pee sample too. I havn't dared do a CBD yet, as I don't want to see a "not pregnant" and also, DH won't let me buy any more, in case I go poas crazy! So I MIGHT do it tomorrow or Wed, if I can hold out!

    I'm a little worried about some niggly pains in my ovary area, which are very much like ovulation pains. I convinced myself last night that my pg test stick was actually an ov stick with the wrong label on it! But it would be random for the last 2 pg sticks out of about 200 that I have purchased in the last 3 years, would be the dodgy ones!

    Thanks again for all the good wishes, I just hope I have a success story to tell after all of this. Love and Baby dust to all.

    PS. Pumpkin, just had to explain the story to DH, as I was chuckling to myself over your post! But maybe it was the motivational speech I gave my ovaries?!? Maybe it was the relaxed / focus on IVF approach, or maybe it was just totally random!
  • Hi Windy, I saw your post on the front page yesterday and came back to check today - the second stronger line sounds really positive (I know you were worried about a chemical pregnancy, but I had one the month before my BFP and the line was almost gone the second day, far fainter than the original result).

    I am keeping everything crossed for you and will come back and check tomorrow - try not to worry about the niggly ovary pains - I had lots of AF-type pains and niggles in the days and weeks following BFP and I was told it was completely normal.

    Good luck!! xxx
  • hey hun the niggly pains you describe are likely the ligaments stretching- I've felt them early in both my pregnancies (in my first it was quite painful and took my breath away) x
  • I've got everything crossed for you windy. Just for info I had left sided pain (ovary area) on and off for a few days when I first found out. When I spoke to EPAS they said could be related to pcos so try not to worry (you do have that like me don't you?) I'd wait a few more days before doing cbd as they aren't quite as sensitive as others. X
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