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In shock

Hello ladies Ive not been on for a while as was getting a bit down with it all, but did a CBD this morn and got a BFP! It was 5th round of clomid and I had decided last month to not think about it all! Im nervous that I'll have a miscarriage and it still hasn't sunk in, but wanted to share my news to give you lovely inspirational ladies some hope that clomid does work xxxxxxx Love and good luck to you all xxxxxx


  • Loads of love and luck to you, Poppy! What made you do the test? xx
  • well If clomid had worked this month I should of een due on last week sometime and I did 2 tests last one on tues and 1 on friday and both negative, but last night I kept having wierd cramping a bit different to af so just did the test this morn, I really didn't expect it though! Im worried now cos the cramping is the only symptom so hope not a sign of miscarriage. Im just tryin gnot to worry! how about you are you going to take the test?
  • I don't even know what made me test, I felt completely normal, if anything, too normal. No sore boobs, no nausea, no cramping. Abi on the other thread just told me that with PCOS, we can get pain in the ovary area with early pregnancy and not to worry about it. Could it be that? Its more like dull ovulation pains for me.

  • Congrats poppy this is fantastic news . Try not to worry about cramping I was telling windy I had same as soon as I did bfp and assumed I was miscarrying again! Had scan and all fine, hospital said could be due to pcos! Was In my right ovary area. Wishing you loads of sticky luck .... You never know there may be more than 1!!? Just for info I had spotting for a few days between 5-6 weeks aswll!!
  • congratulations. 2 bfps in one day. how fab is that! xxx
  • Wow fantastic news for you too poppy, congratulations x x x
  • Yay Poppy!!! Great news! Congratulations! imageimage

    Cycle 5 of clomid was my lucky one too!

    Shell xx
  • Massive congratulations Poppy!! You and Windy really have made the forum a happy place to be this week.

    Defintly giving me more hope xx
  • Fabulous news Poppy - congratulations image

    Is sooooo good to be seeing some BFPs on here. image
  • Massive congratulations Poppy70!! x
  • Aaarrrggghhh! There's a DI August forum. Tell me I'm not allowed to join! I'd love to, but I just couldn't bare it if I had to leave again image
  • Omg congrats poppy that's great news sooooooo pleased for u hun.

    Cramping is totally normal I though AF was coming because of my cramping but it never turned up!!!!

    X x x
  • Aw thank you all ladies hope you're all ok and those who are still waitng for bfp's get them very very soon. I never thought it would happen so never give up hope xxxxx
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