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Endometriosis, high FSH, aged 37!

Hi all

Been a while since I posted last year after m/c. Since then diagnosed with endometriosis, had chocolate cysts removed from both ovaries and now hormone tests due to too frequent af. Going through all the hormone tests, but research suggests things ain't looking good and my age (as well as poor eggs!) pretty much rules me out for IVF.Anyone having similar experiences?

x :?


  • Hi Eckythump,

    I've had a totally different set of problems to you, but thought I would post anyway, if nothing else, it will bump your post a bit! I'm surprised they totally ruled you out for IVF, even with poor eggs, there are still options, surely? And you're only 3 1/2 years older than me. Is that NHS?

    Have you thought about looking into private? I know its hidiously expensive, but even with our tight budget, we were looking at it (credit cards!!)

    I hope you get some good news x
  • Thanks for your post windymiller. I. Have read some of your posts. How are you getting along,?It is nhs, waiting list 2 yrs, my huby has a 22 yr old son which rules us out anyhow and due to cut backs I've no chance. Besids that endometriosis and fsh high equals bad eggs and a lack of egg suppy full stop so ivf unlikely to be a successful treatment. It's natural or nothing for us I think! Will keep on trying though nothing to lose! Good luck with your baby making x
  • No chance of donor embryos? I'm sorry you've had bad results and I do think its unfair if one partner has one child, you are penalised.

    Natural is not unheard of by any atretch of the imagination- my friend is due her baby in 2 weeks and they had unexplained fertility for 14 years! She got a dog and, whoops! Pregnant inside 6months at 37.

    Fingers Crossed for us both! I'm not out of the woods yet, we lost our last pregnancy at 10 weeks, 2 years ago xx
  • Thanks Windy. There is hope, I already have a dog image I wish you all the luck, I'm sure it'll happen for you one day xx
  • Hi Eckythump

    I was diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve after stupid high fsh readings and a super low amh test. We did ivf, long protocol got us no eggs and short protocol got us 3 with two perfect embies but unfortunately they did not stick. Whilst saving for our 3rd attempt I started exercising and changed my diet. Ate a lot of protein, silly amounts of eggs!!! I also stopped taking pregnacare and switched to cheapy folic acid when I remembered and was pregnant in 2 months. Again it was not successful as miscarried but afterwards I went back to the diet,(slimming world) loads of eggs again and was pregnant first cycle after D&C. I will be 9 weeks tomorrow and have a scan to check all is ok. Before this I had 4 years of infertility and I am now 39. There is hope. Don't give up even with a high fsh. Xx
  • Thanks for your reply Katie image

    I wish you all the best and you'll have to keep up up dated on you progress. I have been dieting and losing wieght by following an Endo diet, good and bad days! What was the reason you stopped Pregnacare as I take these too? By the way, my FSH was lower on the last reading, but havnt been able to test progesterone (which was low last time) as my last cycle was 12 days! xx
  • Hi EkyThump.

    I was ovulating quite early and thought I would see what happened without the pregnacare. Once I stopped taking it I started to ovulate later. It was around 14~16 which I'd more the average instead of 10~11. It probably had nothing to do with it but as soon ad I was ovulating later I got pregnant twice. maybe it was because the eggs had a bit more time to mature but I don't know. Just glad I gave it a go and am very thankful that after 4 years I got pregnant. I am now 11 weeks and have had a few scans already and things seem to be going well this time. Wishing you lots of luck and hoping you get your bfp very very soon. Xx
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