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Sperm morphology problems.....

Hi ladies,

We've just had my DH's SA results for two tests and both show a very low sperm morphology at only 2% and 5%, we've been told that it should be around 15% so he's got to do a third SA. Just wondered if anyone's DH had this and gone onto conceive? Or if you know any vits that can help improve the count?

Feeling pretty low so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated x


  • Loopy, I just popped on here this evening to see how things went for you and saw that you had posted on here.

    Did the docs give you much more info or were they able to help with the result?

    big (((hugs))) x
  • g/c i dont know a great deal about this but do know zinc and vit c can be beneficial - may be worth a go. good luck xxx
  • Try not to worry too much, Loopy. It may not be "within normal limits", but thats not non-existant, or 0% morphology. If you think of how many sperm there are per ml (its about 20 million, isn't it?) 2-5% of 40 million is quite a few. Thats only assuming the sample was 2 mls in volume.

    There have been people on this site who's DH's have had worse samples and they have concieved naturally, its just a little bit tougher (we know all about that, don't we!)

    Definitely try improving it with supplements and all the old wives tales of loose-fitting underwear, no hot baths etc.

    Good luck xx
  • Loopy. I think we are living mirror lives - my hubby has recently had a test that showed 2% morphology. He is having another test next week.

    On the bright side it could be this factor that has taken us so long to conceive, so fingers crossed we stand a good chance when we start treatment next year.
  • Thanks Andi30xx my hubby's other results were quite good overall it was just the morphology reading that is low on both. DH's full results from both SA's were as follows:

    August 2011

    Volume = 4.5ml

    Concentration = 77 million/ml

    Motility = 75%

    Good Progression = 66%

    Normal Morphology = 2%

    Dec 2011

    Volume = 3.0ml

    Concentration = 49 million/ml

    Motility = 49%

    Good Progression = 39%

    Normal Morphology = 5%

    WindyMilleruk1 volume and concentration both had good figures so I'm hoping one of the 2% or 5% can make it through!!

    Thanks MrsH2009 I've got my DH on the vits now, hope they will make an improvement for the next SA.

    TiggerRoouk yes we sound very similar! We're waiting for a letter from the hospital for DH's next SA, the last one took 3 months so hoping that it will be quicker this time around. What's your next step? We've just been told he has to have another SA and the doctor has put us on the waiting list to see a consultant at the fertility clinic but it could be a six month wait. We've decided to do the other SA and I've made an appointment at a private clinic open day so that we can find out more information about treatments/costs etc. We might pay just for the private consulatation in February to discuss treatment options. We'll most probably keep TTC on our own until the Summer and if still nothing we'll pay for our own treatment. Wishing you lots of luck for 2012 x
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