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Ttc, but is it my lucky day?

Basically me and my partner are trying for our 1st baby, we've been trying for nearly 11 months now.

I'm not due my period till 16th of this month.

But last friday being the 9th( Exactly one week to go to my period), a VERY light pink discharge came out of me after intercourse.

I noticed it when I wiped, but have had no more discharge since? :?

My boobs are very sore, and I've become slightly moody.

What could this be?

Any help would be lovely image


  • Could have been an implant bleed or ov bleed depending how late in your cycle you ov.

    early pregnancy symptoms are more or less the same as af symptoms too, so the fact that you have sore boobies and are moody could mean either.

    I'm so much help aren't I :lol: You could do a hpt, an early detection kit would most likely pick up a positive tomorrow morning with you being due af next fri
  • Same reply from me too- its just a waiting game! Pinky discharge is a good sign of implantation bleeding, though (apparently, I've never had it, but I think I had implantation cramping at about 7dpo). Get a set of cheapie internet pg tests, they are usually the most sensitive at 10iu/ml. Even first response are only about 20, I think.

    Good luck x
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