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Finally booked a docs appointment

Going at 10am today and I am really nervous. Not sure what's making me nervous as I am pretty sure he will just send me for blood tests at this stage. We are now on our 15th month. DH has had a SA but he has to go for a retest.

I hope he doesn't just send me away in light of the needing a retest on SA. I have a horrible feeling he will because I have mentioned it before and he said to send DH if I am getting +ve OPKs.


  • sorry g/c.

    Good luck at docs today, and i hope the doc is helpful.
  • Good luck hun, hope the doc is sympathetic x x x
  • Good luck chickensoup85 I hope the doctor is helful but like the other have said I'm sure he/she will give you a blood test, let us know how you get on. Have they said what was wrong with your hubby's 1st SA? x
  • Hope you got on ok, Chickensoup xx
  • Thanks for the replies everyone.

    It was just as I said, he wouldn't refer me for even a blood test until we get the results of the SAimage

    I was basically in there for about 3minutes to be told he wouldn't send me for anything until SA results are in and even then it will only be a blood test, nothing else as seeing as both DH and I have only ever slept with each other there won't be blocked tubes or scarring from an STD or anything. Does this sound right??? What about possible endometriosis or things like that?

    He also said that we should stop trying because he is 99% sure with the stress of tying and work it won't work but if we don't want it to happen it will. This does sound like very scientific advise to me.

    He seems pretty convinced if its not stress stopping us is DH but refused to discuss it with me as he is his patient. Loopy, we were told there wasn't enough of a sample to be tested. He tried again but there was no more in the pot so he didnt bother taking it in. image
  • Im sorry to hear your doc was unhelpful. I cant understand why he doesnt just arrange your blood tests to be done.

    Do you have any other docs at your surgery that you could see next time?

  • Hi chickensoup85 so sorry to hear that the doctor was unhelpful. I have only been given a CD21 blood test the doctor wouldn't give me anything either such as a scan and I have had prior surgery so there could be something wrong.

    Would your DH go to the doctor with you? At each appoitment me and my hubby have gone in together to discuss everything because that is what the doctor recommended.

    Have you tried speaking to your hubby again? I know a few ladies on here have had the same trouble with their hubby's burying their heads in the sand but thet do seem to come around eventually when they've had time.

    So sorry I can't be of anymore help hun its so frustrating isn't it we were given the same speech about trying to relax etc and I know that gives very little comfort. Sending you lots of babydust x
  • I'm off to the doc's on Friday with my hubbie.... I've been off the pill for around 22 months. We have tried to take a relaxed approach to it, so I've simply been working out when I'm supposed to ovulate and try then. Nothing!!

    My hubbie has a child from a previous relationship, so I'm trying to keep positive...

    Good luck to you though, hope you find the answers you need xxx
  • Thank you everyone for being so supportive.

    Hubby and I spoke last night and have decided to take the docs advice and have a break for a while. No more OPKs or obsessively checking the loo roll for EWCM and just go with the flow and BD when we feel like it (which isn't often due to stressful, tiring jobs, so will be making a special effort to make time for each other).

    I feel ready for a break now, particularly as the doctor confirmed what I had read about not being eligible for assisted conception so it doesn't seem worth the heartache to keep trying when I don't think it will work and we can't be helped for a few more years. :cry:

    DH told me to stop coming on here but I can't see that happening... :lol:
  • Hi chickensoup85 why wouldn't you be eligible for assisted conception?

    I hope the break does you the world of good and you get your BFP x
  • Hi I have just read through your thread and I am shocked that your doctor isnt being suportive.

    I first brought it up to a nurse at my dr's surgery when I was having a smear done that my husband and I had been trying for nearly a year and still had not conceived, she seemed suprised that we hadnt as we are only 30, and advised to make an appointment with my doctor. This i did and the doctor sent me for blood test to ensure I was ovulating, the results of this came back fine so then she referred me to the centre for reproductive medicine at my local hospital. It took a few weeks to get a first appointment and since then i have had every test under the sun, and my husband has had 2 sperm tests. All have come back clear and have another appointment with consultant this thurs to discuss options.

    I know it probably just is a case of waiting and trying to relax, especially knowing there is nothing wrong.

    I hope after your break you get some luck, but if not, push for those tests.
  • That's what I was hoping for! I am going to move doctors and hope for someone more supportive. I think part of the problem is in Berkshire they won't consider you for Ivf until you are 30 and I am only 26. He pretty much said there was no point testing because we wouldn't be eligible for anything anyway but what annoyed me the most was the fact that he won't send me for anything accept the 21 day blood test regardless. I bet we know more about ttc that him.

    Just read your other post. I hope that it is implantation bleeding and if not, it's your month very soon.

    Oh, and I forgot, he also said that trying for 15 months is "nothing". :evil:
  • Thats a shocker, I cant believe a Dr would say that 15 months of trying is 'nothing'. You should definately try to change your GP chicken soup, there are alot more sympathetic ones out there.
  • I definitely agree with the others, when I was having problems my first doctor said he wouldn't do anything until we had been trying for 2 years even though I was having cycles of over 80 days. I asked to change to the female doctor, and she was much more sympathetic. She sent me and hubby for tests and we found out we both have problems. Even if you aren't eligible for IVF at the moment, it would be nice to know what you are dealing with. When we found out I had PCOS I could change my diet etc and for hubbys problems we got him on vitamins and we researched lots of things we could do ourselves to help. They should do blood tests for you and SA for your hubby as a minimum. Good luck, and don't let them fob you off x
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