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Duo Fertility Monitor

Hi girls. Has anyone actually tried the Duo Fertility Monitor? We are contemplating it at the moment but keep dithering around. We are eligible for their money back guarantee and so far our lack of success remains unexplained. At the moment I am temping and using CBFM so DH is not sure what it can do that's far different. I don't see what we have to lose if we are eligible for the guarantee. So...

Is anyone else thinking of using it?

Has anyone already tried it?

Does anyone think we should wait till after our next hospital appointment (which is now only 5 weeks away) because I have no idea what they intend to do next?

Thanks xXx


  • We looked into it but as of yet are to take the leap. I have had email communication with them and we're not entitled to their money back guarantee so it makes me more hesitant.

    If you are eligible then why not give it a try? Anything is better than nothing in my opinion image
  • how do you find out if you are entitled to there money back guarantee as you can get it from boots for ??500 not sure if its alittle bit more
  • Thanks Munchie. I think you're probably right. I am so tempted its just the next appointment that makes me wonder. I am thinking if they do more investigating and come across a problem it might invalidate the guarantee. Hmm.

    Emma I just went onto their website and emailed them. They didn't ask many questions. So far we are eligible and we have had a few tests done (DH's SA, my bloods and a HSG) which were all fine. I don't know what will happen next or if any further investigation may change things. Are you tempted too? Its ??495 straight from them xXx
  • i have PCOS but i know i can get PG as i have had 3 Children my youngest being 6 months i was poorly with him i don't think i will get it as i am just keeping track of my cycles as we do want one more but i feel greedy and plus i might get it if i become an egg donor as know a few people that can not get PG due to tubes being twisted
  • Hi Ladies,

    I started using DuoFertility in April and am unfortunately still using. Our history is that we conceived our 4and a half year old daughter with no trouble, in fact first month and have been trying for her sibling since October 2008. We've both been tested. Apparently I ovulate and hubby sperm fantastic. We tried 6 months clomid but no luck and decided we'd try DF before considering IUI/IVF.

    My charts show the temperature increase to also confirm I am ovulating. I know 100% that we are BDing at the correct times but unfortunately still no luck for us. Perhaps we're just not meant to have another baby. But I am also sceptical about whether DF actually works. Perhaps it does for someone with more irregular cycles. Or perhaps I'm just too much of a pessimist.

    But if you can use it under the money-back guarantee then you've got nothing to lose really.

    Lets hope that 2012 brings us all some luck!

  • Hi Betty,

    I used this. I paid for the product up front in full so that I would qualify for the money back guarantee. I got pregnant in December but unfortunately found out last week that I had had a mmc. I called them this afternoon to find out when I can start using the monitor again. I happened to ask them what would happen as far as the support was concerned after I had been ing the product for a year. I was told that they operate a rolling contract and that it would cost me ??49 per month to continue receiving the support. Fine I thought, I will continue to use the monitor without the support after September. But I was horrified to find out that you cannot use the software after one year without paying the monthly support charge. I was told that would mean that I could not use the graphs and see my temperature on my pc. I was told my green days would not even show on the handheld sensor. I am shocked that I paid what I consider to be a considerable amount of money, ??500 on a device that will be effectively useless to me after September. I do not feel like they make this clear enough on their website because I did a lot of research into this device and there is no way that I would have purchased it had I been aware of this from the start. I would ring them though because there is always the chance that the person I spoke to on the phone (the fertility experts were not available at the time) may have been mistaken. I was prepared to pay the ??495 for the monitor despite it being a considered purchase because I am desperate for a baby. Unfortunately I cannot afford ??50 a month if I am not pregnant by September. To say I am dissapointed would be an understatement. I am devastated enough having lost my baby but was relying on the DF monitor for peace of mind but now I have to worry about what I will do if not pg by September. Sorry for the rant but thought you should know before committing yourself to it x
  • Thats terrible brandnewwifey. I'm not going to get it- certainly not at the moment but maybe if it was a last resort. I was wondering what would happen if you got it and something went wrong and now I know its put me right off. Thanks for sharing that xXx
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