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Who has been on clomid for unexplained infertility? :0)

Hi ladies

I'm waiting for the witch to come, then will be able to start the clomid - very excited actually. Just wanted to know other peoples experiences.

Little background just to help:

Been TTC for 2 years, hubby is fine, I've had blood tests, ultrasound and lap&dye and so far all they have seen is the tiniest bit of endo, some fluid sitting in my uterus and the lining of womb wasn't as thick as it should be - soooo have been put on clomid. Consultant said side effects could be severe pmt and twins! lol!

How has clomid been for other ladies?

:0) xxxx


  • Hello, I had a mc 18 months ago and was prescribed clomid in May this year as I have really long cycles and wasn't ovulating regularly. I got my bfp in December on the 5th round of clomid, so I personally thought it worked for me as it helped me to work out roughly when iI ovulate. However I found it only gave me a 28 day cycle every other month the in between months were a bit erratic, however that fitted with my natural erratic cycles so it may be different for you. I personally didn't have any side effects, just usual pmt symptoms, but I know other ladies on here had hot flushes and other symptoms. If you have a look on the clomid thread on this forum and you'll find loads of info on there. Hope i've been usefull! Very very good luck, hope it works for you xxxxx
  • Thanks Poppy70, congratulations on your BFP! Not really worried about side effects as I just think that anything that will help me get pregnant is great, I will have a little look at the clomid thread x
  • hey bfp wishes,

    i'm afraid my story isn't too positive. i've been ttc for 3 years and 2 months now. i have a regular cycle, ov every month. they found mild endo when i had lap n dye too. i've just taken 3 months out of ttc cos i hated every minute of clomid. it made me very emotional, incredibly ratty! tired, a bit sicky and just an absolute pain in the arse to live with ( so my hubby tells me now) i was making 3 follies each month and was scanned every time, given injection to ov and it never worked for me. we bd loads too.

    i'm back seeing my consultant in the morning and last time i saw him he said he'd like me to go back on it for another 4 months but me n hubby have had a long talk and decided we want to give that a miss and ask to be referred for ivf now!

    i'm sorry i'm not too positive and i really hope it does the job for you as it does work for some women like poppy says and thats great but i've read on a few websites that its more for women who have irregular cycles or have PCOS. i just feel for me i've given it a good go and it time for something else for me..

    but good luck to you hun, and my fingers are crossed it works xxx
  • I've been on clomid since March - no apparently fertility issues for either me or OH. In contrast to HannahBelle I've had absolutely no side effects at all - to the extent that I've found it hard to believe it's making any difference and there was any point in taking it. But maybe I'm just normally ratty and over-emotional!? The consultant did say that just because there's no side effects doesn't mean it's not working.

    I've just taken my last round as we're being referred for IVF. Hope it works for you, BFPwishes.

  • Thanks for the replies girlies, its good to hear from you even though clomid didn't help either of you - ensures I stay grounded, very difficult when ttc! I hope you both get more help from your consultants and that you get your bfps xxx

    Been having awful night sweats but thats about it, although hubby says am v grumpy, lol! Not sure what to think at the moment, but keeping everything crossed

    High strength babydust to all you long term ttcers xxxx image
  • I have been trying for just short of five years and diagnosed with unexplained fertility. I had a mc after two years of trying then was put on Chlomid (which made me feel absoloutely horrid!!). I got my BFP on the second month. Something didn't feel right and I decided to go for an early scan at 10 weeks and was told I had a blighted ovum and nature would take it's course which it did a couple days later (that was last February). I was then put back on Chlomid for another course but it didn't work.

    They wouldn't give me any more Chlomid (and to be honest, I really don't want it) and have kind of given ourselves a break with ttc.
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