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Any sucess stories after having a Hycosy or Lap and Dye Test?

Hi just wondering if there have been any sucess stories with conceiving after having these tests as doctor has informed me that it can happen as the dye can flush your tubes out?

I had mine done about 6 weeks ago now.


  • Hi kelbel

    I had the hycosy test after 18 months of trying for a baby, we were advised not to try for the 1st month after the hycosy test as the dye can be harmful if you fall pregnant, we tried the month after and got our BFP, we now have a gorgeous 2yr old son.

    How long have u been trying? will keep my fingers crossed for you

    teacup x
  • Worked for us - we conceived a few days after my HSG (similar to Hycosy I think). That was after 18 months of nothing. Good luck x
  • Hi Kelbel

    It worked 4me twice the 1st time a month later with my ds who's 6 & then it took 2 months with my dd who's 1 (did do my back in so not much action lol) they really cleared my tubes out b4 dd (really hurt but worth it)

    Massive fc 4 u

    Billie x
  • Thanks guys, thats really reassurring to know.

    We've been trying for 15 months now and i thought this could be it this month, but yday I started bleeding, I wasnt expecting my period for a few more days so am very suprised and disappointed.

    Did your periods return to normal straight away after having the procedure? I have already had one normal period after I had it and felt really positive that this would be our time. I have never started this early before.

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