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referred for ivf today :-)

hey all,

been off here for a bit cos the clomid was doing my nut in so just had 3 months off ttc and very much enjoyed it.

had my appoint today and we've finally been referred for ivf. eeeeeeeeek soooo happy! my consultant believes its only gonna take about 8 weeks so thats brilliant.

anyways just thought i'd share this with you all

take care all

han xx


  • You don't know me but I just wanted to say brilliant news! You must be so excited!
  • Thats brilliant news Im made up for you to have some positive news xxxx Good luck xxx
  • Hi HannahBelle1979 fantastic news!!! I know you have been TTC for a long time but how long have you been waiting for fertility treatment?

    We've been TTC for 18months and I know it isn't long compared to some people on here but I'm finding all the waiting for appointments really hard going, it feels as if we're not getting anywhere. Our doctor was quite unsmypathetic (as she said I'm only 30, its not as if I'm 38) so I don't think she'll be pushing anything for us. I'm just so frustrated at the moment we've got to wait 6 months to see a fertility specialist just to discuss hubby's SA results which have both showed up low sperm morphology :roll: I'm trying to take my mind of things but its particularly hard especially this time of year x
  • Great news hannahbelle!

    Are you nervous or just really excited?

    I'm still on the clomid (after swearing I'd take no more of the vile stuff, have now agreed to push through to cycle 9 because it might be actually working post ov drilling).

    After that- April- ill be referred for ivf, but I'm scared, not excited! I'll see if your attitude can rub off on me!

  • Fantastic news, Hannahbelle!!!

    I wonder if it'll have the same affect on you as it did on me (although I don't want to actually say that, as it sooooo annoying when people do!!!)

    Good luck and tonnes of baby dust!

  • Hi HannahBelle

    Brill news! And also we're in the same boat, we've been referred for NHS funded IVF & I have my first appointment at CARE in Nottingham next week. I'm excited/nervous but so pleased that something is finally being done, and also like you, so relieved to see the back of the clomid!

    Best of luck and keep in touch, we could be cycle buddies image

    Hollie xx
  • awww thanks girlies. love all the PMA,

    Pumpkin81 i'm really really excited. don't care if it hurts or how much it costs in travel (we live in cumbria and have to travel to leeds for every appointment) just majorly happy and feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. no more counting days or SS for a few months imagemy hubby is feeling really positive too as is all my friends and family. just want to get started now and to think potentially i could be pregnant this year is the best thought ever!

    Hollie it would be great if we were cycle buddies, i think we should start an ivf thread to discuss and compare everything image i don't think i could face clomid ever again. nasty stuff!

    loopy013: after 12 months of ttc we went to see gp, had the tests done of 21 days, hubby SA etc, he came back with low count, low morphology etc. then was referred to fertility clinic maybe about 9 months later (really not sure on dates as its been so long) we went thinking all work was gonna be focussed on the hubster but the consultant said he had no idea why we were told that by gp as his results were fine. so i had a lap n dye done maybe 4 months later (its aLOT of waiting)and they found mild endometreosis and treated it. about 5 months later i was put on clomid and have done 8 cycles of it. never had a bfp to date. i wasn't keen on clomid as it messed me up quite a bit, but no idea why its never worked. i have a regular cycle, i ov every month and i was making 2/3 follicles each time, very frustrating! so we went to consultant again yest thinking we were gonna be put back on clomid but he believed as well as we did that we'd given it all a good go! and he reckons we should get a bfp on first go of ivf as we have everything going for us so my fingers are firmly crossed!

    windymiller i really hope we have similar luck to you. i def feel more chilled out about it all. how you feeling lovey. the morning sickness kicked in yet??

    anyways thanks again for all the support xxxxxxx
  • Its great to have that focus, isn't it?! I was actually really looking forward to starting and having a few months of not trying to think about ttc while they sorted our schedules and synchronised me with a recipient for the egg sharing.

    As for nausea (which I refuse to call morning sickness!), it has been considerably better today, so I'm hoping it'll ease off, but it could be back with avengeance tomorrow! Had 8 week scan y'day. Was awesome!!

  • Thanks HannahBelle1979 for the infomation, I'm finding all the waiting very hard going at the moment. I really hope IVF goes well for you and you get your BFP first time image

    OMG WindyMilleruk1 can't believe you are 8 weeks already! I bet seeing the scan was the most amazing thing ever - I think I'd cry! lol x
  • Great news on the IVF referral Hannah. Hope it all works out well for you. I'm just waiting for my next appt after my Clomid to find out what my next step will be, I'm at Leeds aswell.

    Good luck hun.

  • Don't want to take over your thread, Hannah! But, Loopy013, I can't believe I'm almost 9 weeks and I googled miscarriage after 8 weeks and it came up with a figure of 2% once you've seen a heartbeat, so I do feel much better. And I did cry at the scan, but had to hold my breath, as the shaking didn't help the scanner!

    Keep us updated, Hannahbelle!

  • Ahh wonderful news Windy!!! Hannah good luck and congrats again x
  • hey Hannah!

    don't come on much now but wanted to wish you all the best with the ivf! brilliant news, my advice would be take each day as it comes

    it really will fly by when you do it, and am sure you will get your bfp!

    if you choose injections they really are ok, don't hurt you get so use to them. . its an exciting time hun wishing you all the best x x

    booey x
  • ah thanks for the advice and well wishes ladies.

    just preparing myself now, eating healthy, drinking loads of water, taking vitamins etc, and today i've started with sore throat and cold, bloody typical, it seems my body prefers to not be looked after and have crap junk food instead! haha..thats fine tho, best to get it out the way now then i'm nice and healthy when we start.

    i just want this time to go mega fast now. can't wait to crack on with it all. good to get info off you ladies who have been through it all so i kind of know what to expect. yeah booey the consultant said something about injecting yourself. when do i do that??? i'm not bothered, i'll do what i have to do and if i bottle it my mum can help me out (shes a nurse) to be fair i have quite a weak stomach over stuff like that. :-S but i'll do what i have to do. many peeps have said it hurts when they extract the eggs. is this true?? i've had many things done over the years ie had abnormal cells in cervix so had to have that all burnt off (that was uncomfortable) had lap n dye, also quite incomfortable so i'm thinking its gonna be a similar pain and if so thats fine, i can deal with that!

    anyways i'm rambling. anyone want to add to this thread and give me advice please do

    and windy how rude your taking my thread over with your news image joke sweet...dead happy you've had your scan and your baby is doing well. hopefully i'll be joining you soon xxxx
  • I don't know if you remember me but I just wanted to say that is brilliant news, sounds like you have everything in your favour for it to be successful! Wishing you loads and loads of good luck and I hope you get your longed for little bean this year x
  • magpie i do remember you of course. how are you hun? thanks for you message x
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