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What would you do?


Judging by my BFN this morning we are just about to enter our 16th month of TCC and I have a predicament.

In March I am going on a weeks residential trip with school and just my luck, the week falls when af is due.

Do I go back on the pill in Feb to delay my period (as I can't think of anything worse than being away with 32 11 year olds, out walking and doing activities all day and not having the comfort of my own home) or just get on with it?

I really, really don't want to go back on the pill, even for a month or 2. I don't want to put fake hormones back in my body after I have spent so long getting rid of them and I don't want to miss a months of ttc. Also, I didn't realise how rubbish I felt on the pill until I came off it. I had no sex drive, bleeding between periods and after sex and generally felt rubbish. On the other hand, we have said we are having a break for a while anyway and in the back of my mind i remember reading a post/article about being more fertile after coming off the pill. What do I do? :?

Also, in the tiny part of my brain that has a little optimism left, I think "I could be pregnant by then."


  • To be honest, whenever I had these types of decisions to make, I would always weigh up in my head the most sensible course of action, discuss every option with DH and come to a conclusion. Then when it came down to it, I could never avoid a chance to ttc, no matter what the awkward outcome!!! DH would roll his eyes and say "I knew you would do this in the end!"

  • Lol yeah I know where you are coming from, I know full when when it comes to it there is no way I can bring myself to actively prevent ttc. Even at the mo, we are on a beak, I made sure we bd on my fertile days!
  • hi hun, there is a pill you can take to delay your period i think its norethisterone. you wouldnt have to take it as long as the 'pill' and its not a contraceptive. i think all it does is preserve your womb lining. similar to what would happen if you fell pg.

    hth sian x
  • Really? That sounds perfect! Thank you, Ill look into that.
  • Provera does the same - which is progesterone. And it doesn't do any harm if you are pg x
  • Hi Chicken Soup.Do you have to go? I have refused to commit to any residential visits with ours this year. AF wouldn't stop me going (but ours have severe SEN so we don't venture to the middle of nowhere)but I refuse to miss any opportunities to BD/ be available to attend fertility appointments.I told my boss why and she was very nice xXx
  • I wouldnt be allowed to miss a residential cause I had af!! My boss would have laughed me out her office!! She was nasty tho, but I wouldn't have asked.

    If your dead against having af go for the pill to delay it. Wouldn't recommend going back on the pill if your ttc especially after 16 months I'd hate the thought that the pill would put u back a few months coming back off it x
  • Hi chickensoup85 if it was me I wouldn't go back on the pill, I'd just try and get on with it even if it is hard. Being with all the children will make you put a brave face on it hun. I've been TTC for a 18 months and there's no way I'd go back on the thing just a personal preference though, good luck with what you decide x
  • Thanks Windy, I'll look into the provera as well. It looks like the other one cant be used when ttc.

    Betty, I dont' have to go. I have chosen to go as I thought it might be a good distraction and something else to focus on as it is all getting a bit much for me at the mo and need to take my mind off ttc. Also, think I will get to dog!

    I have decided I will be def NOT be going back on the pill. It's just not worth it. I didn't realise there were other things you can do to delay it.
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