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IUI Success stories please


I'm about to start the IUI process and was hoping to hear some success stories for a pma boost.

Quick background - been TTC no2 for over 3 years. Fell first month with no1 (and we only had sex on one day so perhaps just a miracle). Been for tests and nothing wrong. Tried 6months clomid but no luck. Been using DuoFertility for 9 months but giving up on that, can't wait any longer. Just can't understand why it's not happening.

So, anyone had successful IUI? Any advice?



  • roberjl I can't offer any advice sorry hun but didn't want to R&R.

    I hope everything goes well with the IUI, we're currently looking into fertility treatments for our 1st but we have male factor fertility issues x
  • I conceived on our second go at IUI - if I'd been sitting down I would have fallen off my chair never in a million years expected it to work, so it most certainly can. Unfortunately we m/c at 8 weeks but I'm sure that's completely unrelated to the IUI process. We hope to have our 3rd round in Feb now.

    Best of luck - it's not that bad... bit uncomfortable but nothing more than that. xx
  • Thanks ladies.

    I went to see consultant last week and he wants to check my egg levels/quality(?) first. I should have had bloods the next day but daughter was poorly so got to wait til next month now. If results not good then he suggests IVF. If results fine then he still seemed to suggest IVF but said I could try IUI first if I want. Either way he's given us both 3 months worth of strong folic acid and vitamin E. I've since read online that this alone can apparently be as good as IVF. Anyone else heard this?

    Anyway, so, got to wait another month before we even discuss the next step.
  • Hiya,

    We had ttc for 28 months, unexplained infertility. Our results were always kinda borderline but they gave us the iui option first and given that it is much less invasive we tried it.....and it worked first time!!!

    Am now 22 weeks pregnant!!

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi all,

    As you can guess from my ticker our 1st IUI worked and I'm now currently just over 8 weeks pregnant. We had an early scan at 6+6 and I could hear the heartbeat it was amazing. Good luck to everyone who is going through IUI x

  • Congratulations Loopy, that's fantastic!  Wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy x

  • Hi there,

    New to forums. We just found out y hubby has very low sperm count after a 15 months of trying to conceive. Our Gp is recommending iui following some more tests on both of us.

    Can anyone tell me how long their wait on the nhs was? I know it depends on your area. We are just super keen to get started!

    Good luck to all here! X
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