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Anyone know if you can still have ovulation symptoms but not ovulate?

Hi guys,

Does anyone know whether it is still possible to have ovulation symptoms like the CM, ov pains, sore bbs etc, but not actually ovulate?

The reason I ask is because my CBFM is showing im at high fertility and has been for the last 6 days? I know its only 6 days, but i am worrying now as last month it didnt show peak either(only high) and showed it right until my period came. Very strange. So now I am wondering whether I am ovulating or not, even though I have had the usual symptoms.

Has anyone else experienced this? could it be my monitor or dodgy batch of test sticks? as i am using the same pack as last time.

Wondering why life is never simple!


  • It is possible but unlikely that you would get so many symptoms without ovulation it could be that your monitor works on the standard hormone levels and yours are slightly different, just like unfortunately I don't have the average size 5 feet.

    If worried I would ask your GP for a day 21 progesterone blood test or start monitoring your BBT.

    Mooomin x
  • Hi

    Thanks moomin,

    I have had a day 21 blood test a while ago and that came bak normal and i used to take my bbt but stopped for some reason, so i may start taking it again. I have had peak readings in the past so i havent got a clue whats going on.

  • Hi I had a similar issue and did a lot of googling and posting on the matter. Apparently this can happen for different reasons.

    Occasionally, your body can think its ovulating (ie follicles grow and pop as they do when you ov) but really you don't release an egg. Lots of people don't ovulate properly every month apparently and this is considered to be 'normal'. Its only a problem if it happens a lot.

    You can release an egg slowly so you don't get the big surge and therefore 'peak' that you would normally.

    You can have months where you don't ov at all. I don't know why you'd have symptoms though. I have the same so I know what you mean. I wonder if they are symptoms that af is coming rather than symptoms that ov has happened. I'd recommend BBT and fertility friend. Its reassured me a lot.

    I was assured its not a problem anyway. I don't use my monitor any more as it was making me paranoid. I just BD regularly and use BBT to confirm I have oved. xXx
  • Thankyou so much,

    I will do that as of nxt month x
  • I know of people who find the cbfm just doesn't pick up their ov, but have had ov confirmed by scans/bloods etc. Some people just seem to suit the cheapie ov sticks.

    I think it is possible to have symptoms, but not ov, although just because your cbfm says you didn't ovulate, it doesn't mean you didn't!

    When I concieved, I actually had very few ov symptoms. Vaguely remember brief ov pains, possibly ewcm, but nothing memorable enough to tell me when I actually ov'd!
  • I've had the 21 day teat and other tests and been told im not ovulating but I'm still getting all the symptoms is this normal?

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