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Think I can class myself a s Log-term tcc now - Hello!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Michelle and my husband and I have been trying for a baby without any luck.

since starting ttc,my cycle has been through a few changes. In the early stages i had long cycles, the longest being 52 days, the started to get themselves sorted and August I started to get a regular 30 day cycle, but december and Jan thats gone to-pot gain and I'm now on a 26 day cycle.

I've done ovulation sticks etc and finding it difficult to establish if I'm ovulating or now as I get readings but not peaks.

we are just starting our basic fertility tests. I get my cycle day 21 results back today and i'll my having my day 2 test done tomorrow as AF arrived this morning

So hello everyone, I looking forward to getting to know everyone and your stories


  • Hi Baby baby,

    Nice to meet you. How long have you been ttc?

    I know what you mean about cycles going through changes. I came off the pill in June 2010 and we started trying (officially) in October 2010 just after our wedding. Back then my cycles were 28 days most months, then it went from anything between 28 and 33 days, then last month it was 24. Dont know what the hell is going on. Have had various tests which all came back normal (apart from they found slight polycyctic ovaries), but I havent got the syndrome they said. OH results came back fine also. Now have been told to monitor cycles for a couple of months, then to go and see consultant again and if no change then he is going to try me on clomid i think. Its just a waiting game.

    Good luck with your blood test results.

  • Hi Kelbel

    we have been trying since end of Jan 2011. we got married in august 2010 but had a trip to kenya planned for the January as our delayed honeymoon. we started trying as soon as we got babk

    Well I got my results back and everything is apparently normal

    cycle day 21 progesterone came back as 59.4 and cycle day 2 came back as

    LH 5.1

    fsh 2.9

    Prolqctin 220

    oestradiol - 462

    I was a bit concerned the FSH was too low as it says on my sheet the range is 3.5 - 13 at this phase, but apparently they class it as fine.

    they are going to test hubby next and if that comes back ok then they have said they will leave us a few months just to carry on trying and then take it from there.
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