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I've got my referral through and...

I've ovulated. This is the first time I've ovulated since September. Well done ovaries, well done!!!


  • Well done indeed!! Lovely news xx
  • Irony is the mother in law is visiting. Thank goodness for the fact we have a TV in our room!!!
  • Yay ovaries! I always think a stern talking to works wonders...

    Got ewcm yesterday on day 17, so hoping on course to ov. Was day 24 last month, but that was my first since coming off the pill in jan 2010 I think.

    Bet you're delighted to be moving out of the "am I, aren't I going to ov" wait, and into the tww? I think LTTC makes things a little skewed.

  • Yes, it is true. LTTC makes the unexpected celebratory!!!
  • Brilliant! Well done, ovaries! When is your referral? Focus on that and try to forget that you're in the 2ww! xx
  • 24th Feb - just after half term. Yes, you're right Windy. I need to focus on that desperately!! I don't want to be an emotional mess for the next two weeks!

    MiL was highly manipulative today and got my husband to admit that we're seeking medical help for babies at the moment. We didn't want her to know for so many reasons. Am trying to process that right now also. Am being suspiciously quiet this afternoon!
  • Munchie78uk yay for your ovaries!!!! Good luck with your referral hun x
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