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got a date :-)

hey all,

how is everyone? see we have some newbies. welcome to LTTC i really hope your stay is a short one.

well i've very patiently been waiting for my referral date for ivf to come through. its been 7 weeks since my consultant made the decision to refer us. today i woke up and thought bugger this i'm ringing the clinic to track it. so i did and they can confirm that my first appoint is on 19th march. image mega excited. had a stupid grin on my face all day.

they sent the letter out yesterday so i should receive that in next few days.

finally i feel we are getting somewhere. we're on month 41 off ttc now and to be fair i'm pretty bored of it all. really hope this is our last little part of the long journey where i finally get to be a mummy. fingers crossed for me please x


  • aw thats great news, Ive got everything crossed for you xxxxx
  • thanks poppy. quite excited now xxx
  • fingers crossed for you- you've waited such a long time I bet you're fit to burst xXx
  • Hi Hannah

    So pleased you've got your date through and are feeling more positive. Hoping it goes fast for you.

    Will you be trying IUI first?

  • Great news Hannah it won't be long now, we're nearly in march already! hurrah! x
  • Thats great news - it'll soon come round. Good luck with it all and i hope your dreams finally come true image
  • That is great news! I have my fingers crossed for you - 41 months is such a long time hun xxx
  • thanks ladies, yeah really looking forward to it all now. it'll soon be here xxxx
  • Ooo, just seen this and its march now, so its almost here already! So excited for you! You never know, after all this time, you might just be due double-luck and end up with twins!! I know they're only supposed to do single embryo transfer now, if they think it has a good chance, but twins are still quite common! xxx
  • yeah we go a week on monday. image i'd be happy with just one windy but would be great if it was twins then i never have to go through this ordeal again! been part of my life for far too long now. i'm just seeing this as a light at the end of the tunnel now. if it works hen great but if not then i'll finally be able to get the closure on it i need.

    hows pregnancy treating you windy?? xx
  • Great positive attitude, Hannahbelle!

    I wonder if we just go straight for IVF if we decide to have another, to save another 3 years of hell.

    I'm starting to enjoy this pregnancy though (can you tell, seeing as I'm already talking about another?!). I just can't wait to look properly pregnant, so that I just don't look very fat!

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