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So I got my blood results last night and it's not good news. Oestradiol, FSH and something else(?) (all egg quantity) were great but AMH (egg quality) is severely lowimage I forgot to ask what the level was when I had the bloods 2 years ago, surely it would have been picked up if it was low then.

I've been put on DHEA drugs (25mg x3) for 3 months and then been told to go back to start IVF. He said it has been known for women to fall pregnant naturally before the end of the 3rd month so there is some hope. I didn't tell him that we may not be ready to start IVF then as hubby is still not ready (suffering major stress at mo) and I don't know what my job situation will be then.

Anyway, has anyone else had a BFP after low AMH with or without taking DHEA?


  • Hi roberjl I would ring and ask what your AMH level is so you can see how low it is. I go on another site ( quite a bit as there seems to be lots more people on there going through fertility treatment. I know a lot of ladies have got BFP's with low AMH through IVF so there is hope.

    I haven't heard of the DHEA tablets you are tkaing hun but just wanted to wish you luck x
  • Hi there. I got a low amh reading last august. They wouldn't tell me exactly what it was, just that it was less than 4. I am 42 so probably no big shock. I mc in July 2010. I fell pg again in aug 2011 sadly mc again. I took dhea same dose. Nothing is impossible it's just a little harder. Lots of ladies still conceive. Remember it only takes 1 . Good luck x
  • Thanks for responses. My level is 3 which is low fertility. I have looked on various other websites but just thought I'd ask here as I come here more often.
  • Good luck Hun x
  • Just to give you a little hope....I just got a bfp!!! Low amh and had stopped taking anything. Had given up. It can happen xx
  • OMG tashelby congratulations!!! You must be over the moon!

    How long have you been TTC? Did you do anything differend this month? I have also given up of it every happening x
  • Many congrats Tashelby!

    Same questions from me as Loopy plus when did you stop taking the DHEA? How many weeks are you?

    I'm annoyed cos I ordered it from which is where consultant told me to order from but I'm still waiting for it - didn't realise it came from Luxembourg! Postie tried to deliver it yesterday but it didn't fit through letterbox even though they'd told me it would when I called to chase it Saturday. Grrrr

    Wishing you a fab 9 months! x
  • We stopped really trying after last mc which was September. I had already order the dhea before I found I was pregnant so hadn't really taken many. Started taking it after mc, even though you say you stop trying it's still at the back of your mind. Took it on and off till Christmas, then at new year stopped taking everything. Had enough. Booked a holiday with friends, even started talking about making sure it didnt happen. Really didn't do anything diff. Cycles are spot on so always kinda know the good days. Just started to enjoy going out and getting our life back. Regular sex but not deliberate. Everyone says relax but it's hard to do. I'm a lot older so it gets easier to let go. When I turned 42 in jan I really began to think about making sure it didn't happen. Anyway, it's not impossible and I do believe focusing on the other things in your life helps. Tbh, I hate the way I feel right now. I'm just waiting on mc no3. I can't relax, so scared of disappointing hubby again, constantly anxious.

    I wish you success and hope all your dreams come true

    Love Tracy xxxx
  • tashelby I hope this is a super sticky bean hun and you can begin to relax and enjoy your pregnancy - take care x
  • Yes it's so hard to tell yourself to stop trying or relax etc as I'm sure everyone would agree.

    Great news Tracey! And even after you finally get the Bfp it doesn't mean you start relaxing all of a sudden. All you can do is try. Here's hoping for a sticky one and an enjoyable pregnancy for you x
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