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Had our first appointment :O)

Had our first appointment at the hospital today. I was an emotional mess but now it is done I feel so much better. It is annoying that all my test results are of no use to her because my Dr did them all on day 23 not 21. I will be writing to her to let her know!!!

I have to have the ultrasound and the x-ray to check my tubes. A new set of blood tests and a three month wait until I see the registrar again. I have decided to give up tracking, testing and what have you. I will test at those moments when I need to i.e. before the x-ray but I am not going to bother other than that. I need a break from all of the :cry: that comes with this journey.

Hope you're all well image


  • Isn't it interesting how different docs say different things. My doc said day 23 is fine for my blood tests. Glad you're feeling more positive - it certainly takes a weight off to know you're making progress. image
  • Hospital appointments do seem to turn the toughest of us into gibbering emotional wrecks. Its such a horrible situation and so understandable. I can understand why you'e a bit put out about the conflicting opinions- it seems to be a common problem. I'm sure it will be sorted soon.

    Is it the HSG you're having? I didn't find it too bad so don't worry about that bit like lots of ladies seem to No need image Good plan giving up all the tracking- I have done the same and its helping my mood enormously.

  • Glad you've got the ball rolling, it certainly is an emotional roller coaster after 31/2 yrs ttc and 2 mcs I never thought I would get to this stage. I agree that stoping temping, ov sticks etc might help you relax a little. I conceived once the consultant had cleared endometriosis that was blocking one of my tubes!! Hope the journey goes well for you and you soon get a little miracle like I have. Lying in bed tonight I can actually see baby kicking me now it's brought a tear to mine and dh eyes it truly is amazing and I have faith you'll get here one day. X
  • Munchie78uk glad to hear that your appointment has made you feel a bit better hun. I also stopped charting/temping etc and I'm feeling much more chilled out about it all.

    I'm waiting for my HSG appointment it should be the end of this week or the beginning of the following week and if all is okay we will be beginning IUI at the end of March.

    Good luck on your TTC journey x
  • Thanks ladies. Well a week of no tracking and I feel like a free woman. It is wonderful!

    I've had my letter for my HSG - just hoping that the hospital will be able to fit me in at the right time. I'd read somewhere that it is a fairly quick procedure so I am using that to keep myself settled about it all.

    I kinda feel that it isn't up to 'me' any more and I like that feeling. My crazy body is someone else's problem!
  • Yay! The ball is well and truely rolling! HSGs are pretty quick. I think I was in and out within 45 minutes. Hahaha - yep, the Drs can think about our crazy bodies!! The nurses were brilliant at my fertility clinic- I feel a bit unloved now, as my midwife never seems to have the time to discuss all my niggly worries!!!

  • Hi Munchie78uk just wanted to say that I had my HSG yesterday and I was only in there about 15 mins! It was very quick just like a smear, I didn't have any pain just like a pressure on my tummy when they were doing it. I didn't have any pain yesterday or today so honestly nothing to worry about. I hope they manage to fit u in at the right time xx
  • Thank you for the reassurance re: HSG. Glad yours went well for you loopy.

    Windy - lovely to hear from you. How are you?
  • Hey Munchie,

    I'm doing well, thanks. Getting used to my crazy body in a different way now!! Still wake up not quite believing it, but starting to get a proper belly now, so it feels more real. Wishing my life away for the next 22 weeks!

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