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loosing hope

well.... as i said before after having 2 years without a natural period i had one 2 weeks into doing zumba i had pains before and kinda knew it was coming. Well im due at the end of this week and..... NO PAINS AT ALL! omg i would do anything to be regular!


  • Hi hun,

    Try not to let the lack of pains worry you. I struggle with PCOS and every single cycle is so different, sometimes I have painful boobs, others I get cramps, sometimes I get loose bowels, sometimes a mixture of the different symptoms and sometimes I get nothing at all and feel completely normal.

    Maybe because you have been so healthy some of your normal pains have subsided and either a positive pregnancy test or AF is on the way and will surprise you at the end of the week.

    Try to stay positive chick and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • I had no ov pains the month I concieved! Yet they were horrific when I was on clomid. Don't give up just yet xxx
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