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Please Help!!!

Right if some of you have seen my threads b4 you will no that i am taking 50mg of clomid days 2-6. I have been taking this for two months both months i have ovulated but no baby. I just wondered if anyone ccan give me any tips to max my chances of getting pregnant this month. I just have a feeling that this month is my month so PLEASE HELP!!!

THANKS Dannii xx :?


  • Absolutely no idea. I know, as helpful as a hole in the head... Is great that the clomid is working for you. Clomid and my body are not so sure that hanging out together is such a great idea :lol:

    Hope you can have lots of fun with DH in the mean time - all to easy for the fun to go out of sex when on this kinda journey.
  • Have you tried preseed? As clomid can decrease your cervical mucous, it seems a good idea and I know some people swear by it. We bd'd every 2-3 days around the time of ov. Although when we actually concieved, I can't even remember doing the deed, let alone when we did!!! Typical! Good luck! xx
  • preseed?? :? xx
  • Dannii21 - I am on the same course of clomid currently on cycle 4, Im ovulating to but still not pregnant. I made the mistake of thinking Clomid would be an instant cure so I've been really dissapointed not to be pregnant yet. I will be keen to hear if any other ladies have some tips!!

    Preseed is a sperm friendly lube - we are using conceive plus, may try preeseed next month.

    Good luck with it all xx
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