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On Clomid with Irregular periods with Low ovarian reserve and low AMH

Hi everyone I'm new to this forum,

I'd really appreciate any input, thoughts or advice.

In a nut shell I'm almost 38 yrs old and we are ttc our second child- however I have extremely irregular, erratic periods (anything from 17 days to 33 days) and each cycle is very different- usually a long cycle followed by a short cycle so I'm obviously not ovulating every month and I usually bleed for about 9 - 10 days which is really exhausting and therefore timing intercourse makes it very difficult. A few blood tests I had recently confirmed I did ovulate on one of my cycles and my FSH levels were within the normal range but then on another blood test I had on another cycle there was no ovulation. So as you can see I've a really big problem with my menstrual cycle!

I also have a very low AMH - only 2 which was devastating to hear. I was told by the Dr that IVF or IUI are out of the question for people with very low AMH levels and the only way to go is by hormonal treatment such as Clomid which is fine for me- or egg donation- which I'm reluctant to even think about!

On 2nd March this month, my fertility specialist put me on my first round of Clomid (100mg) at the beginning of my last cycle, and when I was scanned, there were two follicles and both were only 7mm. I was scanned a few days later and unfortunately they were the same size. He then said he wanted to try one more scan and a few days later he did a 3D pelvic scan to check how much I had in my ovarian reserve and unfortunately it confirmed that I have a very low reserve left- (hence reflected in my low AMH levels) and I did not ovulate- so this month nothing happend

I feel really disheartened and helpless because I just don't know what to do.

My period when I started clomid was also very strange in that I bled for a day and then the following days proceeding that it was just spotting- and that was how that cycle was. This was very unusual for me because I usually get a proper flow. I checked with my fertility guy and he said to just take it on day 2 - 6.

Now my Dr says to me that he wants to put me on 150mg of Clomid on my next cycle. I was a bit concerned when he said that and I asked if we should try to regulate my periods first before going more aggressively on Clomid.

He did say that I could try going on the pill for a month or two just to regulate my periods, but that just stops ovulation and it goes against what we are trying to achieve and he's a bit reluctant to try that. However I'm tempted to take this pill route since my periods are so crazy maybe going on the pill will give them some stability?!?

Also its only been 17 days since my last cycle and I'm already spotting. I think I might be starting my new cycle any day soon- so I need to know what I should do next! I am so confused!

If you could shed some light on this matter I'd be very grateful for any input.

many thanks
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