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Babies on the brain 24 - 7

We have been ttc for years and I can't get babies off my mind from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep!!!  It's all I think about and to be honest it's driving me alittle insane!  I've cleared out my spare room so basically it's empty and I've look on most baby websites and catalogues and know roughly what I'd like to buy.  I can't even go out and about without checking out other peoples buggies etc and making a mental note of what they have got so I can google it when I get home!!! 

Is anyone else the same or am I going crazy??!?!?!image tee hee



  • Your not going crazy, your broody have a bloody good cry,eat some chocolate scowl at the shameless women who do get pregnant and wait for that little baby just round the corner!all the best, george
  • Oh bless you! I too think abut it 24/7. I am lucky enough to have a 2 year old but would love a brother or sister for her. I had 3 early mc last year ( last one in dec) but have not fallen in the last 6 months. I am on my 2ww and it's driving me insane. I keep thinking I can feel period pains then in the next breath I convince myself I could be pregnant. It's crazy the way it takes over your every thought.
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your mc's I know how heartbreaking they can be, I had one 2 months agoimage

    When I found out we were expecting I dragged my hubby into Babies R Us and mothercare and even though I was only a few weeks I puffed my tummy out with pride (I wasn't even showing!) becasue finally I felt like I belonged in the shop.  Now he has banned me from go in there because I get all upset leave about 2 minutes after I have arrived!!   I think I might take up gardening as a hobby to take my mind of things!!! lol

    The 2ww is horrible isn't it?!  I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you get a BFP.image

  • Hi Tigerlilley1, yes they are just awful. You go though all the waiting and hoping, get a BFP then lose it, it's horrible. It wasn't something that particularly crossed my mind with my daughter (my first) I just assumed it would be ok so and i was so losing my second was quite a shock and you're so hopeless to do anything about it. My partner and family have said not to get too excited if I get pregnant again but to just take it a day at a time but I don't think I'm capable of that. As soon as you get that BFP you are transported into 'baby world' in your head! My friend lost hers at 20 weeks. How do you get over something like that? I'd prefer to presume everything is ok although I'm sure I'll worry like mad. I kind of feel if I can get to the 3 months milestone it will be ok but you never know I suppose.

    All the best of luck to you too, fc for you. Xxx
  • I have to admit I always thought you got pregnant and your only real worry was how it was going to come out!!  I never realised how hard it would be and all the things that go through your mind. I was scared to move half the time!

    I can't even imagine what your friend must of gone through, I hope she is doing alright. 

    I was told to calm down and not get carried away but I couldn't help it either there are so many cute things out there.  I was good though and didn't buy anything but I know exactly the kind of things I'd like!!image  

  • Hi Tigerlilley,

    Great news on my testing today! I got a BFP! obviously I've launched straight into excited mode....checking my due date, watching animated videos of babies in the womb on U-tube and all that sort of thing.

    My man has said not to get too excited and that he doesn't really want to acknowledge it properly yet incase we lose it again but I know I can't do that so I'll just worry instead!

    I've been up since 5.15am gonna be so tired later!

    All the best of luck to you and I really hope you get a BFP soon with a strong healthy bean.

  • Oh wow that's fantastic news, Im so happy and excited for you! I wish you all the luck in the world and i really hope everything goes alright. keep in touch id like to know how your doing!!

    Big congratulations hug from meimage
  • Thanks very much image. Yes I'll let youbknow and i hope you get lucky soon too, you will. Xx

    P.s not sure if they helped or not but I have been using the Clear Blue ovulation sticks with the smiley face, conceive plus lube and also taking pregnacare conception tablets as I heard really good things about them. Not sure if you are doing of these but might be worth a try if not. X
  • Aww thanks but I've tried loads, I've even had two treatments of IVF.  I've just found out I have slighty high NK Cells which might be killing of anything my body feels is "unnatural"  Hopefully this is my answer as I started round three of my IVF and using up my last two eggs.  I will be on a new course of drugs which fingers crossed might helpimage 

    I found out yesterday there is still a cyst which was formed after my last ivf so as long as that doesn't get any bigger, I should have the transfer done in about 6-7 weeks roughly so in 8-9 weeks I should know if it's worked our not.image 

  • Oh sorry I didn't realise, you've really been through it haven't you?

    As you say, fingers crossed they have found the answer and you can move forward and get back to Babies R Us!

    8 or 9 weeks, I thought the 2ww was bad enough.

    Very very very best of luck to you. Xx
  • Thats alright, you haven't exactly had it easy either!

    You betcha I'll be back in that shop but for now I'll settle with checking out the website and adding to my wish list!! lol  Not sure where my endless bucket of money is going to come from but I can dream!!image (ha ha only just spotted that smiley face and had to use it!!!)

    These few weeks should fly by as I have an appointment or something baby wise going on each week but the 2ww after the transfer are hard!!  Like you it's the not knowing that drives me mad.  Still I'll get two weeks off work to chill out which will be nice.

    I was going to start my new hobby and do the garden today but the weather is rubbish so ironing it is!!!!! Joyimage 

    I'll let you know how I get on with the IVF not the ironing!! tee hee

  • I hope the next few weeks go fly by for both of us. I'll feel happier when I've been pregnant for longer as I'm worried about bean not sticking.

    Yes a bucket of money is what we need I could go crazy buying baby things they are so adorable. I'm really good though and don't do it as mostly is wasted money as the baby doesn't know any different.

    I went on my friends sisters hen night on Saturday, she (her sister) has had 12 miscarriages! She has got no children but is pregnant again at the moment so fingers crossed this one is the one.

    The weather is a bit better today, quick get out in the garden!

    I'm off to my friends for lunch soon image x
  • I really hope everything works out for you and this is your time! I only made it to 7 weeks and found out when i had my scan. I don't want to upset you but how far did you get?

    I just know i will be the type of person that will take everything including the kitchen sink out with me! My hand bag is full of stuff just in case!! lol

    I so wish i was at home right now. I had half day on Friday so i could reply on my laptop now im on my phone and can't really see what important writing!! Im really not interested in work thoughimage enjoy your lunch, im jealous!! He he
  • Hi ya, my last 3 pregnancies I lost one at 4 weeks (the day after getting a BFP) and the next two I lost at 5 weeks. So very early but as you know that's plenty of time to get swept along with it all and become very excited. The last one I had just before Christmas we were going to see my partners mum for a few days and was excited about telling her but lost it a couple of days before our visit. The night we arrived his sister announced she was pregnant so all weekend they were talking about that. It was horrible. No one understood how I felt I don't think. She's got a big bump now and is due in August. It was a while before I could talk to her about her pregnancy and I used to try and avoid her, totally irrational but that's how I felt. I never told anyone.

    I feel differently this time though. I've gone off tea and coffee and I'm tired. I have the odd shooting pain in my abdomen but not the dull ache of a period pain that I had with the others. I'm really bloated too. I've always had a big tummy lol. I'm pretty skinny but have always had a massive tum. My sister is the same. It got worse after my daughter was born 2 years ago. I never did and excerise just wore baggy tops lol. Well, now I'm bloated I swear I look about 4 months pregnant, or more!

    I know what you mean about work, Zzzzzzz. I'm so lucky in that I have stayed off with my daughter. My fella is happy for me to do that ( at the moment at least).

    I'm in no rush to go back that's for sure.

    Well it's going to be a lovely day today so they say. Let's hope so.

    Have a nice day whatever you're up to.
  • Hello!!  How are you??

    I can totally relate to how you must of felt, if you read the post dealing with other peoples pregnancy's I have had a good rant about my feelings.  I'm alright now though so please don't feel like you can't talk about what your going through, I want to hear all about it!! 

    Its good that you are feeling different this time.image  I'm quite skinny too, used to get called worm at school (kids are so mean!! lol)  and I felt like I was going to turn into the hulk and start busting out of my clothes.  My trousers got so tight around my tummy they kinda hurt! 

    I had a blood test today and it wasn't good so they won't let me go ahead with the IVF next monthimage  I have to have another scan done when my next af arrives and then they will work out whats going on.  I am trying to do it naturally this time with out drugs but they might have to put me back on them.  Either way I will have this af and possibly two more before I can have the transfer done.  I'm not going to let it get me down though, I am just going to garden for the next few months even if it rains!!!! lol

    Have a great weekend image

  • hi tigerlilly i feel the same. feel really guilty commenting as i already have a two year old but Im so broody. i fell pregnant in Feb after eight months trying but sadly had a mmc at my twelve week scan and then mc at thirteen weeks. Im having a really down day today because i took my daughter to a new toddler group and everyone seemed to be pregnant or have a new baby and i felt so jealous. my LG loves babies and kept chatting to a friends new born and it made me feel so sad. i know Im being selfish as i already have a toddler but i love being a mum so much and every time she has a milestone i feel sad as she is growing up so quick.
  • Hello demon_mummy!

    No need to feel guilty, i totally understand how you must feel and your not being selfish at all. im sorry to hear about your mc's.

    It is hard when everyone around is either pregnant or have just had a baby. It must be even harder for you as your around it all the time where as now i try

    and avoid it. I turn down going to my friends kids parties because from the time I've been trying for one, they now have two. Then i get the dreaded when are you having kids!

    I really hope you don't have to wait much longer and everything works out fir youimage
  • hi tigerlilly thanks for your kind words. i feel really awkward when other mums say "so do you think you'll have more then?" as i don't know what to answer (i haven't told many people about my mc last month but i suspect they have wondered why i am a bit more tubby around the stomach area and been gossiping). ive started being vague and saying "yes it would be nice,we ll see what happens ". i feel like saying yes we've been nearly trying a year and lost a baby in that time, but know that's too much information. its hard when i see mums from my original antenatal group with newbabies as i feel a failure. especially when they start tAking about how easy it was to conceive or the pregnancy was unexpected.
  •  I can understand why you are feeling down but you aren't a failure.  Your just going through a really hard time right now and are dealing with alot of emotions.  I only got to 7 weeks so I cant even imagine how hard it was for you to get to 12 and 13 weeks. I'm sending you a great big hug and I hope with time it becomes alittle bit easier. 

    I went wedding dress shopping with a great friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about babies (It's basically all I talk about, even dragged her into babies r us just to torture myself!! lol).  She is getting married in March and would like to start trying straight after.  I would love her to have a baby around the same time as me but I don't know if I could handle it if she got pregnant before I did.  That sounds so selfish and I know I would be so happy for her but inside it would crush me. 

  • tigerlilly that is totally understandable, id be the same. hope you get your bfp soon x (thanks for the hug. as its been a month i kind of feel like i shouldn't still be going on about it but its so hard to go from feeling and looking pregnant to nothing and i think emotionally it takes longer to heal)
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