low sperm count

hello, im new to this but here goes.

last week we have found out that my partner has a very low sperm count - we have been trying for a baby for a year now but due to our age (22) doctors told us to keep trying. since getting the results my oh has become depressed and is pushing me away. we would welcome any advice or stories about natural conception with a low sperm count. the docs have told us to try for a few more months and then they will do further tests. i myself have gynocology problems however a recent laposcopy have diagnosed normal findings.

thank you



  • Hello emma, I just wanted you to say hang in there, a year seems like an eternity and I can say that because we had been trying since June 2005!we found out we would not have children naturally when my husbands sperm analysis showed 1sperm and 2 immobile. I am now 11weeks pregnant after my first ivf with icsi after my husbands peas. There are lots of women on here that get pregnant naturally when low sperm count! Get him on selenium, zinc and multi bits, telling he is no less of a man because he is not. You will be fine, you won't relax because you can't just get on with life and what will be will be. Best wishes, george
  • My husband also has low sperm count.  We had been trying for a year when we both were tested.  Most doctors like to see around 20 million sperm.  My husband had 10, not million just 10.  He was pretty upset as well because he felt like he was the reason we weren't able to have children.  That same month I had an HSG where they fill your tubes and uterus witha dye to see if there are any problems.  Some how that seemed to help and we ended up pregnant with only 10 little sperm.  I unfortunately miscarried but that was a fluke on my end but overall your husband should try to stay positive and enjoy the fact that he's supposed to have lots of bedroom time with you.  They say, "Practicing is the best part of having children."

  • hey everyone, this is our trouble too. 1st SA was borderline and second was much below average in all respects. We have a referral for Oct been trying for 14 months : ( I have heard that HSG can 'flush' and a few women on here have got pg after that : ) it really does give me hope that we can do it with our swimmers : ) having a 3rd SA just incase they are on the decline x

  • Hello, hopefully I will offer a bit of hope, I have PCOS and my hubby has low sperm count and reduced motility sperm. We were just about to go on the waiting list for IVF and I fell pregnant naturally. I am now very lucky to have my little boy. Hubby had been taking wellman tablets for about 3 months when I got pregnant. There were a few other people on here at the same time who conceived naturally with low sperm count, so try and stay positive as it can happen. Wishing you all lots of luck xxx
  • Did your partner have more than one analysis done? The reason I ask is that my hubby had two (one month apart) before we saw the fertility consultant. During the appointment he told us that the first sample was 9 mil and needed to be 20mil, he therefore would recommend ivf for us. The second sample was invalid (not a full specimen) so couldn't be tested. He asked for hubby to do another analysis to confirm the numbers before he put us on the waiting list. That sample came back as 17mil! Still not the 20 they would like to see but much better.

    They are now letting us try clomid for 6 months (I have cycle problems too) which hopefully will work.

    My hubby was gutted when we got the first result and was freaked out about ivf. But strangely wasn't worried about himself, he just didn't want to be the reason I had to go through IVF, bless him.

    If he hadn't had that further analysis done he would have never have known xx
  • Hello ShelleyBabyH

    We have been to the clinic today to do a 3rd SA because both others were not great results but in different ways! the nurse was even confused! So we will see what this reveals. We have our first app at clinic in October so will hopefully get some more answers then


  • My hubby has to do 3, already done 2. One month apart. Not much difference in samples. Booking the next one for 3 months time xx
  • Hi..my sister in laws husband had the same problem..they now have a beautiful healthy girl..keep trying :-0

  • HI,i saw everybody talking about low count sperm,but millions,what do you think only 0.1 ,and i get pregnant with my husbund in 2-3 months.And i bring a strong baby 9.3,so keep trying ,don,t give up

  • This is the best advice u can give u. Stop trying and think positive!!! My partner has low motility (30%) and very low count (2 million) ...  but u only need ONE GOOD SPERM.!!! 30% is still 600,000 sperm that are ok. Now I am 39 we ttc for 2 years and I have a Unicornate Uterus. We were told ivf was only option. One week before we were due to look at clinics I fell pregnant naturally and am now nearly 8 weeks pregnant. We stopped trying because we figured our only option was ivf, and because we chilled out and stopped trying it happened!!!! Lol so like i said have faith because u only  need  one good egg and one good sperm. Xxx 

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