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Long time since i've been here


I haven't been on here for a long time.  i'm sure none of the originals who might remember me are still here.

I've been ttc for 6 year and have pcos.  I couldn't get treatment off my hospital as they said i have to have a healthy bmi of 29 or under.  I am on metformin. 

I've recently lost 5 stone at ww and since then my AF seems more regular.  for the last 3 month is been about every 32/35 days. 

i had ewcm 17th, 18th 19th, 20th june so bd.  I decided to test yesterday with a cheapo stick and got a very very faint 2nd line, i tested again today and its the same faint line.  Not sure what to think and i'm too scared to get excited.  I've googled all day and read about evap lines so now i'm thinking is it just that.  In all the years i've been using cheapo's i've never had an evap line though.  i've never had anything other than the control line on the pg and ov cheapo tests.

any thoughts?


thanks x


  • I used the cheapies at 9 10 and 11 dpo and got really faint lines. I did use one at 8 dpo and thought I could see something but thought it was too early. I'd say wait a day or two ( easy to say I know) and test again. Does sound lIke it could be your bfp though. Will keep fingers crossed for you. Xx
  • Thanks, I've done another this morning and its still there. Don't know of its slightly darker or if I'm losing it. Hubby is in bed as he was on lates so will get him to check when he's up. I might go get some clearblue today would it be too early to show on them? I'm obsessed its all I can think about now X
  • Get a superdrugs own make. They are quite sensitive and cheaper. If there is a line today then I would say bfp. Yay! Xx
  • I've just been and got a first response and 2nd line is there. Omg can't believe it I'm still to scared to believe it and want to keep testing to be sure lol.
  • I was the same hun. After 4 years I didn't actually believe it til I saw the little bean on the scan. Sending you a huge congratulations. Xx
  • Is this a bfp?  daren't believe it.

  • yes sweetie! congrats!!! and a happy 9 months to you xx


  • Definitely!!! Sending you a massive congratulations. Xx
  • Awww! That's exactly what mine looked like-I couldn't believe it either, but am currently sat feeding my 3 month od baby girl!

    Best of health to you for the next 9 months xxx
  • Get a superdrugs own make. They are quite sensitive and cheaper. If there is a line today then I would say bfp. Yay! Xx
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