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need some help


ive wriitten before without much success and im just wondering if anyone has been in my situation,

right here goes im 27 and have always had irregular cycles had been on the pill 3yrs and oct 2011 i came of as my husband and i would like a family i had a withdrawl bleed then 6 weeks later a period and now nothing for nearly 8 months i have been to the docs and had blood test everything has come back clear with nothing abnormal she is now referring me to the hospital and now im really scared its something serious she never really said what it could be i just need to know im not alone


  • Hiya, I had this, I came off the pill a number of years ago when my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a withdrawal bleed and then went 9 months without anything. Turns out I have polycystic ovaries but once I had a bleed (after the 9 months) things did start to regulate. You could try agnus castus as this is supposed to help regulate your cycle and bring on ovulation.

    Try not to worry as I'm sure it's nothing serious and just taking your body a while to readjust now your no longer on the pill.

  • hi thankyou 

    ive been on agnus castus for 12 weeks and nothing so not sure its going to work for me.

    i thought maybe id got pcos but the doctor never said id got ot when i saw her today she just said my next step was to be referred i asumed she tell me if i had???

    im hoping my body will kick in its just so hard not to get low and depressed xx


  • Not sure about the docs to be honest, I guess it depends what they tested hour blood for. when I was referred to hospital they did an ultrasound of my ovaries which confirmed the PCOS (they didn't test my blood for PCOS) and they told me that I had cysts on my ovaries there and then.

    Sorry to hear the agnus castus isn't working. Exercise and a low GI diet are also supposed to help kick start ovulation / bleeding.

    Fingers crossed you'll get to the bottom of it soon and I'm sure it will be something really simple.

  • Hi there, my doc said PCOS can be found by ultrasound or blood test, mine was ultrasound, i think if they have a diagnosis they have to tell you there and then, hopefully they are just leaving it to the fertility clinic to give you a full check up xxx i just took first agnus castus, hope yours starts kicking in soon x

  • Pcos cannot be diagnosed based on blood tests or an ultrasound alone, but by a combination of things. It's like a pick and mix menu of symptoms, and if you have at least two of those then they can make a clinical diagnosis. Blood tests alone may give indicators of pcos, but that would be based on a specific set of hormone tests, which aren't frequently done as first line bloodwork, but generally you would require a scan for confirmation.

    Please don't panic about being referred to the hospital as it's actually a very good thing! After paying to see a private consultant and getting a diagnosis I had to demand that my gp made a referral for me, so it is good you have been started on that road. They can do some relatively simple tests to give you a bit of an mot if you like, and from there work out a plan of action. Pcos can but doesn't always mean a long tough road to get pregnant and most women do go on to have children by one means or another. Good luck xx
  • My GP must have just an indicator then, he was a bit a bit rubbish to be honest, sorry for the mistake xx


    Lots of luck xx

  • Absolutely agree with Dudders1 about the pregnancy thing, it took me and my hubby a couple of years but I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with my first so don't be disheartened hun. X

  • aww thank you ladies its so nice hearing all your stories hopefully as youve all said the clinc will be able to help,the trouble is you just asume getting pregnant will happen easily and dont expect to be the couple struggling to concieve!!

    fingers crossed to everyone and thankyou for showing me im not alone xx

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