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Private clinic patients?

Hi ladies, I'm looking for some info re. private treatment please...

I've booked a first consultation at a local clinic in 3 weeks time but I was wondering how much we'll have to go over old ground? WIll they re-do all the tests or do they have access to notes from the NHS etc?

I'm 31 and hubby is 33, ttc 3 years. We have unexplained fertility. I had laparoscopy in Nov and just been told to abandon cycle 4 of Clomid with NHS. I'm at the end of my tether and praying the private clinic will be able to help me image

Grateful for any advice xx


  • Hi mikey,

    They won't have access to your medical records, but your gp should have this and you can ask for copies of the relevant paperwork to take to your appt. As long as your tests are recent, then they should accept the results. I'd only had blood tests at the stage we went private and hubby had had his SA. They did a couple more tests, but relevant ones I hadn't already had. Make a list of questions to take with you, it's easy to forget once you're in there! What clinic are you going to? It's also worth asking before you go to your consultation as many of them will allow you an obligation free discussion with a fertility nurse and they would have a better idea what else that particular clinic will do. Good luck xx
  • Thanks so much, that's really useful. I'm in Wales so going to a local clinic with a great reputation. Fingers crossed! xx
  • Hi Mikey, I was sure I replied to this the other nightm weird.  I'll reiterate what dudders1 has said.  One thing I will add - I suggest to you ask to be tested for AMH.  NHS do not test this and my private consultant didn't test me for this until after I'd spent loads on clomid cycles.  My AMH levels suggest poor eggs which only leaves IVF as an option which is what we're starting next month.  Good luck to you x

  • Hi Ithilwenn, thanks for your positive inspiring reply. I'm starting IVF next week and though I'm naturally a pessimist you story has given me some hope. Fingers crossed
  • lthilwenn - how was it for you?  Injecting, egg collection, after transfer etc?  I'm not nervous about actually injecting but nervous about getting it all right (mixing the injections, taking right tablets etc) but I'm sure it'll be fine after first few days.

  • Hi ladies, thanks so much for the replies - sorry for the delay replying, I've been in NYC! Got back yesterday which was a stroke of luck!!! (Need some more of those...)

    Sooo I've been on a huge rollercoaster ride the last few weeks... Ended up cancelling the 1st private app because I saw a new NHS consultant and he was amazing. He did an immediate AMH test (which was hilarious because was not expecting a blood test, couldn't pull the sleeves of my dress up so ended up having to sit there in my underwear, hubby had his head in his hands and I felt about 12! LOL!) we were put straight onto the IUI waiting list of 2 months and the ivf list (12 months), left feeling so positive and optimistic, after 3 years TTC we felt our time was coming.

    THEN disaster struck, had letter with AMH result saying they were under 4, I'm 31 so that's really low for my age. It had never ever crossed my mind that there'd be a problem with egg reserve at 31 years of age. We were absolutely devastated, I cried for 4 days. That's the lowest I've ever felt in my life.

    Sooo, we don't want to wait any longer, we're off to the private clinic on 10 Nov. We'll be seeing the same consultant who we saw NHS which is great because we instantly trusted and respected him and are still grateful that he found this problem for us as AMH tests are rare on NHS.

    In the last 3 years I've had so many scans, blood tests, laparoscopy, Clomid etc I feel like it was all a complete waste of time. I wish I'd gone private straight away... oh well.

    Anyway, NYC was a welcome distraction, I've put myself back together and I'm ready to go again!

    roberjl - good luck for next month! Do you think I'm likely to go straight to IVF too??

    lthilwenn - WOW! Your story is amazing, that's made me feel loads better. We're going to CRGW in Llantrisant as it's close to our house, it's been recommended by 2 friends who are now pg and we'll see the same consultant etc.

    (Sorry this post is so long!)


  • lthilwenn - reading your last post I'm surprised I haven't thought of that already.  A few friends call me the spreadsheet queen so your table idea is a good one.  I've got Pre...something steroid tablets from Day1 and Menopur from Day2 (I think, this is from memory, all the meds are upstairs).  No DVD but nurse did go through it all and though I wrote notes I think the fear of getting it wrong is worrying me but as you say, it'll be fine. 

    Mikey, you really sound similar to me and I do think IVF will be your next route.  It is terrbily annoying to have spent so much money on nothing (or in your case just the wasted time).  They should really do the AMH test straight away!

    I'm just waiting for AF which I thought would have shown some sign by now but no doubt the worry is delaying that.  Good luck for 10th. x

  • Thanks, very helpful!!

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