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I've been referred to a fertility specialist, what next & how long?

I've been referred to a fertility specialist because of irregular cycles and nasty black spotting that goes on for weeks before my actual AF. My gp has told me he thinks I could have pcos. He has referred me to see a fertility specialist. This surprised me because I started ttc in March 2011. Got pregnant in December 2011 but miscarried at 6 weeks so I've not been ttc for a year since the MC yet. Obviously I'm pleased he has one this because I want to know why my cycles are like this. They have been like it ever since I came off the pill in 2010. From your experience how long am I likely to have to wait for my appointment with the consultant? What tests/ action is likely to be taken? I'm really worried they will end up not being able to tell me what's going on/ fix whatever's wrong. Is there anything I need to be doing before the appointment/ take with me? I assume the appointment is to find out what's wrong with my cycles and s not a precursor to IVF. Is this right? I don't want to rush into IVF. I'd rather try something like Clomid first. Thanks


  • Forgot to say, I've been referred to Bath (mr Sharp), has anyone had any experience of this hospital/ consultant?
  • Hi brandnewwifey,

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with ttc, me too! I think we are different issues but I may be able to help with the experience I have had.

    Hubby and I have been ttc for 15 months absolutely no luck so far, I have regular cycles etc and my bloods have coome bk fine, hubby has male factor problems.

    We had our referral letter mid August and our appointment is on 8th Oct. Think the plan for us will be IUI first or maybe clomid for me, to make me ultra fertile so hubby's sperm have more of a chance.

    Have you been for blood tests? day 3 and 21? to find out if you are ovulating? Have you had the rountines bloods for HIV etc? alot of docs put you forward for all those first because a clinic will want them done anyway and it can save time.

    Has your hubby had any sperm analysis done? only so they have the complete picture and whether there is anything to be tweaked on his side?

    We had some paperwork come through form the clinic, counselling leaflet, 'what to expect'

    If you google Exeter pcrm (thats where we are referred) there is an online- 'what to expect sheet ' I know it is for Exeter but I guess it cant be too different from clinic to clinic.

    Hope that helps : ) Jo x

  • Hi Jo,

    Thanks or your reply. My hubby has had a semen analysis which came back fine. And I have been screened for STIs, and have had a day 21 test but that's all they have done so far. I haven't had a day three test though so I will try and book one before my appointment with the consultant. It's hard to know what day of my cycle I am on though because I get a mixture of black and red bleeding ( sorry tmi I know) and thn get really heavy bleeding some cycles.

    I will take a look at the Exeter website thanks. I hope your appointment goes well on the 8th October and that you get your BFP soon,

    Thanks again x
  • I had a list of blood tests etc to complete at GP surgery before seeing a fertility specialist, but it sounds like they just want to investigate your suspected PCOS. When I had suspected Endometriosis a few years back I saw a consultant but didn't have to do any of that. Be prepared they might examine you at 1st appointment. Your appointment letter should give you more info.

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks Mikey. Do you think I should ask my gp to do a day three blood test? I'm a bit worried the fertility consultant might tell me to get this done first and then reschedule another appointment.

    Thanks gain x
  • I'd definitely speak to your gp. Can you call them? It sounds like you haven't had much info (typical NHS) so get as much as possible from your gp.

    Is you gp good?

    Btw I found out by chance that a different gp at my practice specialised in fertility, so I made an appointment with her and she was able to tell me exactly what to expect. Might be worth asking?

    Good luck! xx
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