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Unexplained Infertility?!

Hey ladies,

Just wondering if there are any unexplained ladies out there atm?

Got that label yesterday after all the tests been trying for 18months and not entitled to IUI until June next year. Looking like clomid is not something we want to try just yet, due to me ovulating and regular cycles. It is going to be a long wait and just wondering if we should get the PMA going and sharing some tips? Be lovely to get to know you all on our journey to that BFP! I would love to hear from any unexplained ladies out there that got natural BFP's whilst waiting for treatment : ) just ordered a detox book cant hurt!

Jo x



  • Hi...I would love to be able to give you a happy ending but unfortunately I am still waiting for mine image However, what I would say is that unexplained doesn't always mean "unexplained". In my case it meant that they couldn't find the reason to start with!!!! Anyway, my story is that we have been trying for a few years now to get pregnant. Went to see dr a year ago and had a ridiculous number of tests done and they all came back fine. Had a laparoscopy and found out that one of my tubes may or may not be blocked and that I had a cyst on my ovary. I was told that neither of these things would cause an issue with conceiving and we were classed as "unexplained". Been through one cycle of IVF which failed unfortunately and now waiting for our second shot at it. However, after the first cycle failed we decided to be proactive and try and find a cause for our "unexplained" infertility. We paid to see a private dr who scanned me and within 30 minutes he explained that I had endometriosis on my ovary which was most likely causing our infertility. During my laparoscopy earlier this year, the "cyst" that I had been told about was actually related to endometriosis and could have been dealt with there and then. Unfortunately, the dr who had performed the laparoscopy decided to leave it untreated and as a result it is now a few inches in size and needs surgery before it bursts. We are funding this surgery ourselves because I have lost some trust in the NHS with regards to this issue. Anyway, what I am trying to say in this long rambling way is that unexplained infertility can often have an answer which can be sorted out but you need to locate it. Even though I have got to pay for this operation, I actually feel better knowing that there is a potential reason why we haven't conceived yet and that I can do something about it. We may or may not get pregnant naturally afterwards but at least I have pinpointed a potential problem area and can have some control over what happens. And I am glad that the endometriosis is going to be dealt with earlier rather than wait for it to get worse. 

  • First time round we tried for two years then fell pregnant wikth dd on clomid. tried again for number two which i assumed would happen quicker second time round.  How wrong i was.  After three and a half years of no luck we self funded IVF.   we didnt know the reason for our infertility until we had IVF.  Turns out my eggs dont have the usual mechanism to stop sperm getting in - usually closes up after one or two sperm get in but my eggs just kept on letting them in.  So our IVF resulted in 13 abmormally fertilised eggs and 1 good one.  Unfortunatly the one good one got put back but af arrrived two weeks later.  Very uppsetting.  Two months after failed cycle i found out i am pregnant naturally!!! AMAZING.  Just over 9 weeks now.  Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.  Good luck all.

  • Congratulations krilag!  Always great to hear about BFP but especially when natural!

    Joey139 - I'm sort of with BibbyBibby.  We were unexplained until I was eventually tested for AMH levels which showed poor eggs.  This test isn't done on NHS and isn't done straight away private.  We've been TTC no2 for 4 years nowimage  Daughter has just just started asking for a sisterimage  She's now our little miracle as we conceived her naturally.  We're about to start IVF.  Though they've just found out I have anti-K antibodies so not sure what that means.

    So not got BFP yet but hopefully soon.  Good luck to you

  • Thank you for ur replies ladies, yeah am worried unexplained doesn't mean there isn't a problem?! Do u think I could call our clinic and ask for a amh test? I don't mind paying if it is going to clarify our position. I have had 3 day and 21 day bloods and that didn't indicate any probs with my eggs? just trying supplements and diet changes ATM and crossing our fingers x
  • How old are you Joey?  If you're younger than 30 then I'm sure your GP will say 18 months still isn't that long (probably why you've got to wait until June) and that it can still happen naturally.  But if you've got the money then I would ask for AMH test just to rule that out (hopefully).  Without testing you won't know.  If AMH is the problem then you may be given DHEA to try to boost.  I'm nearly 35 and though I had no problems conceiving first (even had a miscarriage before her which had been conceived quickly), my eggs have obviously taken a quick turn downhill since thenimage  At this rate I could be menopausal soon! image 

  • DHEA? I'm 27 so I guess they don't see the rush! Af here again image do you know how to change to private? If u loose nhs help? I am considering non medicated iui xx
  • DHEA is some sort of male hormone. Consultant told me some women fall within 3 months of taking it but not me. When a went private I first looked online to find nearest place, then booked appt. I think GP may have written a letter for md to take seeing as they wouldn't go any further with me.

    I've also tried homeopathy, reflexology so with that and all my private bills I've already spent thousands with nothing to show for itimage Have everything crossed for IVF to work first time
  • we're unexplained, I kept wishing they would find something treatable but two years on nothing image been told wont give clomid as ovulating regulaly so got to wait another year before referal to ivf team.

    Ive had internal scans, blood tests and tubes examined and hes been tested so nothing left to do except practice and wait image 

  • Hi I know only to well how fustrating this all is weve been ttc for 2 years and 8 months... but for the first time this month I had spotting when I ovulated which I had never noticed before in my life - so I took that as a good sign - I've read that means that the edd is strong/fertile.  Im on cd23 and Im praying that this month is the month, ive given up everything to try and get pg. My son is now almost 7 years old and has been asking for a brother/sister for years.  I never expected it would take this long.  We have had all the tests bar the internal camera (not sure what you call that) and were lablled unexplained infertility too - we are awaiting IVF in April image not looking forward to that at all (not a fan of needles).  So I am the same all we can do is practice and wait image


  • Hi.

    We've been ttc for nearly 2 years and had all the tests the nhs would provide, multiple blood tests, semen analysis, hsg and hysteroscopy, I've even been prescribed clomid just as 'all the nhs will do for us'. I had my last nhs appoint over a month ago where I felt they just washed their hands of me. We can't afford ivf at the moment as we are moving very soon but we have decided that we are going to start seriously looking into it in 6 months time.

    Wishfulthinking2, I'm like you. I've got a 9yr old son whose been quite desperate for a little sibling and I'm so worried he is going to end up being to old and disinterested by the time (if ever) he becomes a big brother.

    I really wish there was a treatable reason for all this heartache. At least I felt like I was making progress and getting closer to my bfp when I was having the tests done. I now feel in complete limbo waiting.

    Is everyone here looking into assisted conception?
  • Yeah my 5& half year old has recently started asking for a sisterimage When she's asked previously how babies are made and how they come out of ladies tummies I've just said magic and now I realise I'm right- magic and miracle! I also already wonder whether she'll actually be interested if it actually happens but in the longterm I don't want her to be an only child.

    Wishful - do you have to wait for April cos NHS? I didn't get past bloods and a scan on NHS cos I've already got 1 child so we've already spent thousands on private treatment and just started IVF which costs thousands alone.

    I've done two injections now and there fine. Just hope I produce enough good quality eggs.

    Good luck to us all!
  • Hey yeah looking into assisted conception now. We don't have any children and would love to start a family! Every month aunt flo arrives I am gutted! Not allowed any help from nhs until June when it will be 2 years of trying. Might try another clinic that offers unmedicated iui which is cheaper and could help us next year! I cannot wait tip June il go nutty! X
  • Nhs wont even give me clomid, the doc says Im ovulating so no point. Been told wait til mid way through next year and they will consider IVF but will probably not put me on the list until we waited the full 3 yrs.

    The worst thing is Ive been entirely honest with dates and it seems that most of the people Ive spoken to that have waited longer than a month to fall have lied to doctors about how long they have tried.

    One lady I know told the doctor after she she didnt fall in the first three months that her and her hubby had been trying for two years! she was given clomid and was pregnant on her next cycle! makes me angry that I waited the full 12 months to see if it happened naturally image

    I still feel like they gave me this label and so now Im stuck in limbo. No baby No answers and a bunch of inconsiderate people around me telling me how easy they just fell!

    To make matters worse one lady I know keeps saying how unfair it is that shes having another boy ~(she already has one of each) I feel like telling her off but then I just seem like the crazy lady!

    ok rant over, apologises just finding this month tough. image

  • I know limbo is so hard, how long have you been trying now? It can get me really down. The people that say just wait and relax and it will happen grrrr! I could smack em! We haven't lost all hope for a natural bfp, tried soft cups this month so who knows. All I know is that June feels a long way off yet! We were offered clomid but reluctant to take it as cycles are fine and I can predict ov just for whatever reason not happening!

    Some people don't know how lucky they are! I always thought I would wanna know the sex but now I just don't care! We would be soooo happy! Feel free to rant it does help

    Jo x
  • Hi ladies,

    Justmarried2012, this waiting is horrible. I still feel that something must be 'wrong'. 3 years does sound like a long time ttc before ivf treatment, but it might help you relax in the mean time knowing that ivf will eventually be available.

    Joey, how have you found the soft cups? I've been thinking about trying these. Do they just keep sperm up against the cervix?
  • Hi I am with you on thinking there must be something wrong then sometimes I can be more optimistic and perhaps it just takes some people longer and we have got this 'diagonsis' relatively earlier in our ttc journey and may not have known if we had waited to get help if you see what I mean?!

    Soft cups yeah just keep it all there for longer and I guess the more that don't fall out the better! Really hope we can do it naturally June is ages away and the mess and injections scare me! Xx
  • h joey

    me and my husband have been tryin for a baby for a few years now .

    we went for all the test turns out we also have unexplained infertility .... we have bin tryin natrally for a baby but nuffin happened as yet  famo say relax  ur selfs witch we r relaxed  n have said abowt soft cups but were do people buy them  if you have any tips that cold possable help others pleas share .. we have bin on the ivf list for over a year now and havent recived a date ..

     im also a bit scared but way  will take any injections as we want tu b perants

  • Hi Kerry25,

    we bought the softcups from amazon, easy to use. AF turned up yesterday so we didnt have any luck with them this time : ( Really hope you get your ivf date soon.

    Jo x

  • Hey Joey139,

    I finally have some happy news. I am pregnant! I don't know how or why it has finally happened but it has. I have everything crossed that it works out but even if it doesn't work this time at least I know that we can conceive naturally. Like I said in my previous post at the top of the page, we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility which was later updated to suspected blocked tube and chocolate (endo) cyst. Maybe I was just more relaxed this month or maybe it was just my time....I can't say. The only thing I did differently this month was not follow my cycles, not use ovulation detector kits and we had sex every one-and-1/2 to 2 days from about week after my af stopped. It was all very half hearted this month. I really wish you the best of luck and I hope that my little miracle sticks x

  • That's brilliant news BB! Congratulations! Wishing you a sticky healthy pregancy! X
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