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Any had OHSS on clomid?

Hello, Has anyone had Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome on Clomid 50mg? or just ever had it? I also have PCOS which I've heard can increase the risk. On 3rd cycle of clomid 50mg and on mon night I woke up witht the most severe pain across my womb area and felf nausea and hot & me thinking was ibs (which i suffer from) went to the loo but it didn't ease intially. Eventually after about half hour it finally eased and i went back to bed. But ever since I've felt a dull achy pain on the right ovary area and bloating (although not major) and just think something not right and think is OHSS. It's not ovulation pain as not the right point in cycle and ov test was neg. Got a pre arranged app with fertility clinic on the 16th Nov but called them and said about pain and stuff and they advised to see my GP, which luckily have got an app tomo, but worried if it is then will have to abandon the baby making this month . If anyone can give any advice it would be helpful! Thanks ladies xx


  • Hi,

    I took clomid for 3 months and I found it horrendous. I ovulate fine on my own but it was the only thing the nhs would try for our unexplained infertility.

    The bloating and tension across my tummy the week leading to ov was horrible the the few days around ov I had some excruciating sharp pains, I would break into sweats with the pain.

    I didn't go to my gp, because as I started googling the symptoms it seemed to be fairly common. After the 3 months I had a follow up with fertility specialist and I just refused any more.

    It's definatly worth seeing your gp. I don't think that severe pain is right, hopefully they will get you in for a scan.

    My first cycle free of clomid went instantly back to normal, which was a huge relief.

    Hope everything is ok, let's us know what the doc says x
  • Hi andi30xx,

    Went to the GP and he had a feel of abdomen and said didn't feel overly swollen or anything and I didn't find it particularly tender so he just said to carry on and keep trying this cycle. It is the start of my fertile week so reckon that it could be just the follices maturing, and i just didn't feel it as much the last two cycles! This cycle the hot flushes were really bad!

    Thanks for sharing your symptoms-it puts me at ease knowing its not just me or in my head if you like. Oh well if i get really bad pain one side at least I'll know when ovulating!!

    I hoping to take a break from the clomid. Think hospital will give me another 6months worth but want to take a break over xmas so i'm not worrying about ttc, although i have fingers crossed for this month it works but just can't get hopes up! TTC is so difficult.

    What is your next step? Are you just continuing down the non drug route? How long have you been ttc?


  • Really glad everything was ok.

    We have been ttc for 2 years. Had all the tests the nhs would give us plus the 3 months of clomid.

    We can't afford fertility treatment for a while so just hoping it works naturally for us.
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