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13 days late/Aygestin??

Hello ladies! I am looking for some advice! I am currently on CD 47, no sign of AF and 3 bfn...image spoke with my doctor and he rec Aygestin (med to make af show up). He said as long as the hpt shows up negative. Well I have taken 3...but something tells me to wait to start taking it. Has anyone taken Aygestin? He gave it to me so I could have AF then schedule for an HSG to check tubes for blockages. We have been ttc since last November with luck. Anyone offer any advise please?! Thanks!


  • you know what? if there was even the smallest chance I thought I could be pregnant, I wouldnt take a single tablet until I was sure. I dont know what your current situation is hun but I think I would either wait and test again or go to doctors and request a blood test as looks for lower amounts of the hormones.

    I know I wouldnt want to bring on bleeding just in case, Im sorry that probably doesnt help you image

  • Thanks for your advice! I agree! I am not really sure why he gave it to me if there is a chance that I could be pregnant! I have taken 3 tests and all are negative but I have an appt with my regular doctor (not my gyno) on Friday so if not af then im requesting blood work to test. Still don't understand why he gave it to me without.testing my blood. I have been trying for what seems like forever and I feel like this may be our month! Hoping! I am going on CD 49 and no AF...3 bfns :/
  • Has anyone gotten a bfp two Weeks after being late and several bfns? Fingers crossed! image
  • just came back online hope all is well xxx


  • All is well here. AF showed up on CD60 image but at least something happened. Would have much rather saw a bfp than af but oh well. HSG is scheduled for.friday hoping.for some answers. image
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