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low oestrogen levels???

Hi ladies, just got back from docs for my blood test results and my oestrogen levels are low which would suggest problems with ovulation but the doc couldn't understand why because my progesterone levels are normal which showed I am ovulating!!!! she's going to do another blood test next week to see what the levels are like near to ovulation. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this as the doctor seemed confused why everything was normal except for the oestrogen levels!!image


  • I had the same results when I had my blood tests done and no one could tell me why. I used to ovulate on about day 34!!! But none of that must of mattered as I'm now 31 weeks pregnant. I think as long as your ovulating your be ok. Do you spot between periods? I used to bleed every other day x
  • Congratulations!! No spotting and my periods are regular between 29 and 31 days, that's why she couldn't understand it as irregular periods may have suggested pre menopause! (I'm 40) x

  • B4 my bfp I started eating loads of estrogen rich foods, which could of helped me get pregnant. Have you googled natural ways to increase estrogen? X
  • hi ladies, just to let you know, I was retested on cd14 and all my results have come back fine!image when I told hubby he said "it's me with the problem then?"  He still hasn't been for his test!image x

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