Does anyone have high prolactin levels

I was wondering if anybody has this or has successfully become pregnant with high levels? I have been ttc for 18 months with 6 months of clomid but I have noticed that every month my boobs are really sore and I am still producing some milk even though my dd is 3! I read up a little and I found out that this can be caused by high prolactin levels which can be caused by an underactive thyroid (which I have) but that levels should return to normal once the thyroid is regulated but my thyroid has been regulated for 3 years. From what I am reading high prolactin levels can make getting pregnant very difficult.


  • That is really strange because:

    I have an under active thyroid and currently taking 125mg of levothyroxin per day;

    I too still have leaky nipples from breast feeding my nearly three year old;

    My boobs are terribly painful in the lead up to my period each month, and

    My thyroid is monitored every 6 months and is now at a regular stage.

    I'm going to have a read up on high prolactin levels...

    Have you seen a gp about it? If so I'd be interested to hear what they said. We are on our 11th month of ttc and if I'm not pregnant this month we will be going to see a private specialist as my gp won't refer me.

  • Do you know if it's monitored through a standard thyroid bloody test? x
  • Hi i had high prolactin levels, diagnosed through blood tests and a Scan to see if i had a putuity tumour. It took over a year but i managed to conceive naturally whilst waiting to see a specialist. Im not sure if it helped but i took angus castus (vitex) whilst waiting. X
  • Thanks for replying.

    Judithcharmers your symptoms are the exact same as mine. I've been referred to the fertility clinic but I'm still waiting on an appointment. I just came across the term one day and the more I read the more I realised I had all the symptoms. I'm hoping to get my appointment through soon. Why will your gp not refer you?! That's awful!!

    HL2010 I'm glad to hear someone's story on this and that's brilliant that you conceived naturally, thanks for the tip about the agnus castus I've never tried it but I think I'll give it a go and see if it helps xx
  • My GP won't refer me until after 12 months of trying. And I can't lie unfortunately since she took my coil out in January!


    Rosapenny - do you already have children? Did you conceive naturally? My husband and I conceived after 9 months of ttc on our 2nd month of the clearblue digital monitor but it doesn't appear to be working this time.


    How did you broach the subject of the high prolactin level with your GP?



  • Hi Judith I have a 3 year old girl and I conceived her naturally after only 4 months. I'm currently on month 19, I have never spoken to my gp about it, I'm not a big fan of hers and she prescribed clomid without referring me first so I seen a relief gp who referred me to the fertilty clinic 3 months ago but I'm still waiting for my appointment so when I get my appointment with them I'm going to say to the consultant. My possible infertility could be something else though, after I had my daughter I had 3 serious infections that wasn't picked up on until she was 9 weeks. At my 6 week check up I told my gp I was still in pain and she said after a bottle of wine I would be fine so when they did find out I was put on 3 antibiotics and then I had an abnormal smear with a lot if cells burnt away and then a year after my dd was born I had an operation to repair my episiotomy scar. But the painful and leaky breasts had me worried and since its connected with hypothyroidism I thought it was a strong possibility
  • I hope you get your appointment through soon.

    I'm in my two week wait and if not pregnant this month, I'm making my appointment with a private fertility consultant. I just know that my GP will hold out referring me until the last possible minute, and I'm starting to get really impatient now! 


  • Hi judith thanks, good news is I got a letter through today, so I just need to phone up and make an appointment, going to call tomorrow and see what date they give me. I'm so glad to feel like something is now happening and maybe 2013 could be a lucky year!

    I hope the 2ww goes quick and you get a nice bfp at the end of it!! image

  • Keep us updated Rosapenny. I hope you get an appointment soon.



  • I got my appointment booked for 22nd Jan at 2.30. Very excited but very nervous!!

  • Oh brilliant. I'd be interested to hear what they say to you. I imagine they will probably test your bloods for your prolactin levels.


  • Hi Rosapenny


    How did your app go?


    Still no bfp for me, no ovulation last month, according to my cbdm, and my GP has now, under duress, referred me to a gynae and my app is Monday 4th Feb.



  • Hi Judithcharmers,

    I had my appointment and the dr was lovely, he told me all the tests I'll have to go through, he was great he told me that they will start with day 23 bloods that will also take in proclactin levels and then I get them again on cd2-3. I have to get a hsg as well and hubby has to be tested. Last week I had to have an internal and a few swabs and an internal scan but he said everything looks healthy, he said they may decide to treat me in my own hospital or send me to Belfast for treatment.

    That's great that they have referred you now, that wont be long coming around. xx

  • So I had my appointment yesterday and I had the transvaginal scan and blood test to check my prolactin levels and I have to go back next cycle for the hsg. He seems to think that my thyroxin intake is now at a decent level (recently reduced from 150 to 100).

    All looking positive and I'm feeling so much better about things now.

    Good luck with your tests Rosapenny.

  • Sounds like they are getting the ball rolling now!! At least then you will be able to find out what is going on. I am on 100 thyroxin as well. I started af today so onto month 23 for us and I have my second blood tests on Friday, the hsg was all booked up so have to try again next cycle.

    Good Luck with your tests too xxx

  • I have had high prolactin all of my adult life. I have a 14 year old and decided last year we wanted another child.  I started taking agnus Castus and fell pregnant the same month. Unfortunately this did not work out. But I am back on it this month and am already feeling so much better. Fingers crossed for a positive test this month

  • Hi,


    I have been diagnosed with the same thing: high prolactin level. After ttc the past 5 months I did some bloodwork and found out. my gynae has put me on bromocriptine 2.5 mg. I should take these and do the test again in 21 days. Lets see how it goes and if pregnancy will occur.

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  • My prolactin levels are 2500 can i still fall preg or is the no chance of that happening with myblevels being so high ... Some ppl have said its possible just wanna know some more about it .. Has anyone fell preg with high levels before or not .. 

  • Yes. My levels were through the roof and I conceived. Miracles happen every day. i wasn't even on medication

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