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Chances of concieving with only 1 fallopian tube


I am currently going through fertility treatment and hve been told it is likely my left Fallopian tube will have to be removed.. Has anyone on here only got one tube and still achieved pregnancy? Im worried about my chances and cant afford IVF .


  • hiya, ive just recently lost one of my tubes due to ectopic, i was told to wait three months before ttc, i tried straight away once the three months was up and am now pregnant again first try. i charted my ovulation in the three months i had to wait, and just tried to stay positive about the whole thing, to be be honest i didnt expect to be pregnant so soon.

    i had all the same questions too, but after my surgery the doctor told me that you only need one tube to make a baby, hard to believe but so true

    good luck x
  • I have a blocked fallopian tube caused by endometriosis and I am now pregnant. It has taken quite a few years to get pregnant because I had other issues as well but it is very possible to conceive naturally. I conceived within months of having my other issues dealt with. Good luck and stay positive x

  • Thank you for taking the time to read and reply..all responses are very helpful to me image


  • I have had 1 eptopic pregnancy, currently trying * another baby* but having problems so need 2 go an have a hgs as they think my last tube is blocked, do I need 2 have tha out for ivf chances 2 be better x
  • Hi Cez

    My best friend had tube removed after ectopic and went on to have two more healthy children with no problem.  As long as there are no other problems,  it is defo possible.


  • Thank you for your replys means alot image  I have got endometriosis also so i know my chances are reduced..but staying positive

  • As georgie76 says, it is definitely possible for you to conceive and I really hope you do as I know what the wait can be like.

    Take care.

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