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not ovulating???

have been ttc for 14 months now, just been to Dr's for blood tests had bloods done on day 22 of 34(ish) cycle to be told i hadn't ovulated(maybe too early???)  i have had a very stress full year... my mum was diagnosed with cancer 1 month after i had the implant removed and died in may so possibly could be due to stress.

 My bf is booked in for his SA in march so agreed with DR to wait untill he gets his results before going any furher, mainly becase all i've done is basically track my AF on mymonthlycycles and gone by the dates it 'says' i'm ovulating so i have bought some cheep opk's to see whats what myself.

i have just started to read up on things like agnus cactus and evening primrose could these really be a benift to me? or even anything else that could be of use


  • Sorry to hear you're not ovulating. That's not to say you're not ovulating on other months though.

    The thing is, agnus cactus isn't going to harm you if you do take it. I've been taking it for about 2 months now but I have an under active thyroid and it is meant to assist my medication for that.


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